First demolition deal for Garic’s ‘misting’ spray cannon

First demolition deal for Garic’s ‘misting’ spray cannon

Garic, best known as a manufacturer of construction site welfare products, has signed a deal to supply its new range of spray cannons to ADM Regeneration.

The Cheshire-based decommissioning and demolition company has just dispatched the first cannon, an SC45, to a 24 acre site in Durham where it will suppress dust generated during the demolition of the former Durham Police headquarters.

The SC45 was perfect for ADM Regenerations’ environmental and health and safety needs. The company’s ultimate requirement when working on dust-heavy demolition sites is to protect their workers and people living and working adjacent to the site. It is important that comprehensive dust control systems are established as soon as work commences.

Being robust and powerful, this spray cannon is extremely efficient for suppressing dust across mid-sized sites. It has its own generator and this particular unit was selected because it suited ADM Regeneration’s specific requirements and budget.

Mounted onto a skid frame for ease of positioning, the cannon is capable of spraying 3,500l/h up to distances of 45m. It has a 7.5kW fan andgaric 34 nozzle misting system, which creates an ultra-fine fog of water particles as small as 10 micro-metres. This fog binds with airborne dust making it fall quickly and safely to the ground. It is also highly effective for dealing with odour emissions.

The 185 x 140 x 210cm, 500g cannon tilts between 15° – 60° and oscillates up to 220° so the spray can be directed to exactly where it is needed. It also has four lifting points and is suitable for use with forklifts.

Garic is now the sole UK and Ireland distributor for MB Dust Control’s spray cannons, which are manufactured in the Netherlands. The range includes 15 models starting with compact handheld units and progressing in size and power to heavy duty cannons capable of spraying across distances of up to 100m. There are also wall mounted spray systems suitable for internal use.

MB Dust Control’s dust suppression equipment is currently used throughout Europe for projects varying from demolition, asbestos removal, recycling, and soil remediation to steel, slag, wood and aluminium processing and at landfill sites and ports.

“Our new dust cannon range is generating a lot of interest. We’ve got quite a few units being trialled with companies from a number of sectors including materials handling, ports and waste management but this our first sale to a demolition company. We were confident the cannons would be popular once demolition and asbestos removal companies could see how extensive the range is and how effective they are – we have got off to a great start with ADM Regeneration’s order!”
Steve Booth, Head of Business Development (Global), Garic

“Garic’s range of spray cannons is exceptional, there’s something for virtually every type of project. Together we established that this mid-size cannon would be the most practical for us. This is a busy, confined site and it’s absolutely vital that our environmental precautions are top notch. We’ve got up to 45 operatives demolishing the structures and crushing the 25,000 m3 of arisings, as well as people living nearby and a school.”
Paul Cryer, ADM Regeneration Demolition Director

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