Garvey Demolition Make the Change to Lehnhoff

Garvey Demolition Make the Change to Lehnhoff

A 15 second changeover between its hydraulic attachments is just one of the benefits for Garvey Demolition now they’ve opted for Lehnhoff

Garvey have invested in four Lehnhoff Fully Automatic Variolock Quickouplers for all of its 22 ton machines, and adapted 18 attachments – a mix of pulverisers, munchers, buckets and grabs. The company has also added a brand new Rotar Rotating Grab and an RDP32 Pulverisor for its 50 tonne machine.

Garvey Demolition’s experience in large scale demolition is second to none. Based in Shropshire, a highly trained workforce has years of experience demolishing multi-storey brick, concrete and steel structures, clearing sites and recycling waste material.

Garvey decided to make the change to fully automatic quickcouplers to keep up with the evolution in the demolition industry and stay ahead of the game. Oliver Barby, Garvey’s Contracts and Safety Director, researched the market, spoke with Sean Heron at Worsley Plant, and compared Lehnhoff with other quickcouplers available. His key considerations were threefold: safety, 15 second changeover, and no more broken pipes.

Oliver says: “Our 22 ton machines make up about 40 per cent of our fleet. Eventually we plan to add Lehnhoff to our 14 and 50 ton machines. Adapting to Lehnhoff is a big investment for us, but based on the quality of the product and the back up from Worsley Plant, we are looking forward to reaping the future benefits.”

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