Genie products and team members recognised for excellence in 2022

Genie products and team members recognised for excellence in 2022

Genie and its products received a dozen awards in 2022 from industry associations, government groups, and the media. This included Lithium-Ion powered GS scissor lifts and six different models of boom lifts.

Trade media awards included picks from editors and contractors for popularity and innovation. Here’s a look at the winning products:

In October, Genie introduced a Lithium-Ion battery option for its GS E-Drive scissor lifts. The battery option was specifically designed for MEWPs and certified by the independent certification organisation Underwriters Laboratory (UL) against fire, electric shock and explosion. The result is electrified equipment that does more than reduce emissions — Genie GS Lithium-Ion scissor lifts essentially eliminate battery maintenance and replacement needs, contributing to an even lower total cost of ownership while, at the same time, boosting performance, including in extreme temperature conditions.

Genie electrified boom lift models received recognition from multiple publications serving readers in the Middle East, Europe, and North America. Introduced in early 2020, the Z-45 FE articulating boom lift boasts high-efficiency AC electric drive motors that provide similar torque to hydraulic drive motors while using 30-40% less energy. This efficiency combined with active oscillating axles, 4WD and a maximum lifting capacity of 660 lb (300 kg) makes the Z-45 FE a popular option for rental fleets and on the jobsite. Like the Z-45 FE, the hybrid S-60 FE and electric S-60 DC, introduced in 2022, deliver robust, 4WD performance while lowering jobsite emissions. Both models feature a light weight and best-in-class jib length, as well as the ability to work a full workday on a single battery charge. The S-60 FE — the industry’s first hybrid telescopic boom lift in its height class — can work a full work week on a single tank of fuel, and the machine’s ability to charge its battery while operating in hybrid mode helps eliminate downtime.

Some heavy lifting applications require unique specifications. With an unrestricted capacity of 600 lb (272 kg) and the ability to utilise a restricted capacity of 1,000 lb (454 kg), the S-65 HF high float telescopic boom for the ANSI market is designed to help optimise productivity on jobsites with sensitive, soft or delicate surfaces such as sand and turf. It was selected by road and bridge contractors who often work in unimproved conditions. Likewise, the S-85 XC (Xtra Capacity) telescopic boom lift boasts a dual lift capacity of 660 lb unrestricted, and 1,000 lb restricted for heavier lifting tasks. Up to three people can work at once in XC platforms, providing additional solutions for tasks requiring more capacity.

The S-80 J, introduced in 2020, offers quality, performance and a low total cost of ownership. The first and only model in this class to offer a tracked option, the S-80 J is optimised to reduce replaceable and wearable parts, which means less time and money spent on maintenance. A single-envelope design also means inspections are easier to do.

“I and the entire Genie team are honoured to have been recognised by so many different organisations around the globe last year,” said Genie President Simon Meester. “For more than 55 years Genie has been a leader in the industry, and these products represent our ongoing commitment to continuing to develop and manufacture quality equipment that meets or exceeds the jobsite needs of equipment operators, and the business needs of equipment owners — now and into the future.”

In addition to product-specific awards, Genie received honours during the T50 Global Construction Machinery Industry Conference & China Equipment Leasing Summit in November, making the Top 10 list of Global MEWP Manufacturers and the Top 5 list Global Telehandler Manufacturers. Genie’s Harry Zhu, VP/GM Commercial, Greater China, also was named 2022 Person of the Year of Multinational Corporation of China during the T50 Summit.

Genie and its parent company, Terex, also received honours for a commitment to responsible work ethics. In December, Terex was named on Newsweek’s list of America’s Most Responsible Companies and the Genie Monterrey location received the Distinctive TRe from the Mexican government in the State of Nuevo Leon for demonstrating responsible labor, human resources, and safety and health business practices. That culture is a legacy that started with Genie’s founder Sherman Ward “Bud” Bushnell, who was inducted into the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) Hall of Fame in 2022. The AEM Hall of Fame recognises the pioneers whose inventions, ideas, leadership and courage have contributed to the industry and our community’s quality of life.

Bud Bushnell (June 13, 1921 – November 14, 2020) founded Genie in 1966, launching his first material lifting device, which operated on compressed air, from a small warehouse in Seattle. Customers referred to the hissing noise the GH lift made as “Genie magic in a bottle,” which ultimately led to the company’s name.

“Bud, with the Genie Hoist, fundamentally changed the way that people work at height and helped launch an industry. But beyond that, he established a culture at Genie that is rooted in a commitment to our customers, and to teamwork and respect. That foundation is still a big part of who Genie is today,” Meester said.

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