Kubota is Stage V Certified

Kubota is Stage V Certified

Japanese engine manufacturer Kubota has achieved certification for the EU Stage V diesel engine emission regulation for Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM), which will come into effect in 2019.

The German Federal Motor Transport Authority has certified 11 Kubota engine models from its Industrial Water-Cooled Engine Variable Speed range*, all of which offer output of up to 19kW. Kubota will deliver these new emission certified engines across its agricultural and construction machinery ranges, as well as OEM equipment such as generator sets and welders.

Stage V specifies emission requirements for all categories of compression ignition (diesel) and positive ignition mobile non-road engines, replacing Directive 97/68/EC (Stage IV) and its amendments. The standards are effective from 2019 for engines below 19kW and above 560kW, and 2020 for engines of 56-130kW.

Daniel Grant, Kubota UK’s Business Development Manager – Engines, said: “Stage V engine emission regulation is one of the biggest challenges facing the industry, so to achieve our certification is something we are extremely proud of and is testament to years of hard work and planning from our team of experts.

“As a business, we are at the forefront of technological advancements in the diesel engines market and invest heavily in research and development to bring the most innovative solutions to the market that improve fuel consumption, meet legislative standards and add value to our customers.”

The Kubota EU Stage V certification announcement follows the manufacturers recent conference that communicated Kubota Corporation’s global position on Stage V and how it can support its dealer and distributor customers on a local level.

The conference – entitled ‘Kubota – The Answer’, gave Kubota UK’s Engines Division the opportunity to share its future vision and the plans that the world class manufacturer of industrial diesel and dual fuel engines has put in place to surpass Stage V emissions standards.

Dave Roberts, Managing Director of Kubota UK, commented: “The key to our leading position in the marketplace is thanks to our ongoing commitment to extensive research & development into product innovation and Stage V emission legislation only helps to enhance this process as we constantly strive to develop technology that is more efficient.

“We have been Stage V ready for a number of years, but to achieve Stage V certification is very rewarding.”

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