Liebherr to Expand UK Headquarters

Liebherr to Expand UK Headquarters

Liebherr Great Britain has announced the acquisition of a new 15-acre site adjoining the company’s existing 9-acre headquarters in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire.

 Whilst the development plans for the expanded facility are still being finalised, it is expected to include a new pre-delivery inspection centre, amongst other functions, to support the UK business.

Commenting on the acquisition, Managing Director of Liebherr Great Britain, Lee Palmer, said: “This expansion will ensure we continue to have adequate resources and capacity to support our customers and the continued growth of Liebherr in the UK. Vitally, it will also enable us to create even more skilled employment opportunities for the local community and across the country.” 

The news follows the recent announcement that Liebherr will be investing €28.4 million in expanding the factory in Germany that manufactures its material handling machines. Last year Liebherr accounted for approximately 50% of the machines sold into the UK waste and recycling market.

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