Manitou’s Small Wonder

Manitou’s Small Wonder

Previewing for the first time in the UK and Ireland on the Manitou stand at the Executive Hire Show will be the new MT420H Buggy.

The New Buggy MT 420 is dedicated to customers looking for an ultra-compact telehandler. It is the most compact telehandler of the construction range. This model is also easy to manoeuvre due to its small width. With this model, Manitou group offer a complete range for the construction sector. Due to it’s versatility, the New Buggy MT 420 lends itself to a variety of applications  such as urban works, renovation, parks & gardens, events sector, handling in narrow spaces, industrial maintenance.

  • TCO application : designed to reduce TCO (reduced maintenance costs)
  • (Simplicity: easy-to-use cab (same as MT 625), easy to transport machines, easier maintenance
  • Security: 360° visibility due to position of components (low boom pivot point, etc…)

Main specifications New Buggy MT 420:

  • Max lifting height: 4.30m
  • capacity : 2 tons
  • Width : 1.49m (MT 625 = 1.80m)
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • Height: 1.90m
  • 4 wheels driving / 4 steering wheels
  • Short turning radius : 1.98m

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Less popular than the 16m access platforms which dominate the sector, 12m access platforms meet the requirements of a compact design but represent an economical alternative that is less advantageous for rental. With structures that are more or less equivalent, the cost difference is not great enough to justify offering both types of products to rental customers.

As most customers do not use the potential 16m, Manitou has been working on a 12m access platform project, which is economically advantageous for rental companies and their customers, the MAN’GO 12, without reducing the safety, quality or reliability of the machines.To resolve this problem, Manitou has entirely reviewed the design of the machine. The solution involved technical choices which are a real breakthrough compared to the standards for articulated platforms.

  • The Operating Mechanism – A Redesigned Lifting Structure.

Instead of a 3-part articulated arm supported by 2 rams, Manitou made the choice of lifting the structure, driven by a single ram and a system of fulcrums favoring speed of movement. Also, a 1,500 mm jib improves access to the working zone. This overall structure provides a simplified version of the elevation part, an elementary contribution to reducing the total cost.

  •  Transmission Based on the Wheel Engines.

The access platform is driven by the wheel engines. The machine retains its all-terrain character through control and management of the distribution of hydraulic oil in the 4-wheel engines and differential hydraulic locking on demand.

  •  Engine Located in the Chassis.

This engine position gives a lower center of gravity, which contributes to making the machine lighter. This design also enabled the width of the turret to be reduced, to improve the operator’s view of the steering wheels; this significantly improves safety on congested sites.

  • The Name – The MAN’GO.

Manitou has put a machine on the market that is totally distinct from its fellow TJ and ATJ machines on the numerous points mentioned above, and especially in terms of design and graphical charter. This is why its name has changed.

It would have been easy to create a 120 ATJ to offer a 12m access platform to the market. But to fully respond to the specifications of its rental-company customers, Manitou had to radically change the design.

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Gehl R190 Skid Loader
Also on display on the Manitou stand will be the Gehl R190. The R series offers an enhanced operator station with an integrated digital display, improved visibility all-around, pressurised cabs, Tier IV engines and a high-powered hydraulic system.

These radial-lift skid loaders can be equipped with optional counterweights, which increases the rated operating capacities range from 2,110 lbs. (957 kg) on the R190 to 2,780 lbs. (1261 kg) on the R260. Lift heights reach up to 120.5” (3061 mm) on the R190 and 123” (3124 mm) on the R220 and R260.

These large-frame loaders come equipped with emissions compliant Tier IV Yanmar engines that incorporate DPF (diesel particulate filter) technology. This engine technology is environmentally sound and does not require fuel after-treatments, such as urea. Maximum torque ratings are 173 ft.-lbs. (235 Nm) on the R190 and 206 ft.-lbs. (279.3 Nm) on the R260 and are equipped with high-powered auxiliary hydraulics with excellent flow ratings and precision controllability.

The state-of-the-art operator’s compartment on the new R Series skid loaders leaves little to be desired. A new side-folding restraint bar and armrests with multiple adjustments enhance operator comfort and safety. Joystick and hand/foot control towers are fully adjustable and the mechanical or air-ride suspension seat options deliver outstanding comfort. A cab-forward design and lowered rear towers deliver unmatched visibility to the bucket edge and rear of the machine. The optional pressurized sealed cab enclosure, with sound reduction material and a rear-mounted air filter, provides a cleaner, quieter, climate-controlled working environment.

Controllability and ease of use are part of the package on the new R Series skid loaders. Customize your skid loader with three control options; T-bar, joystick, and hand/foot. Auxiliary hydraulic controls are located on the joystick in all configurations for easy access. A fully-customizable digital display provides coolant, fuel, battery, environmental, engine regeneration information and other features in real time. Pressure-relieving hydraulic couplers make attachment changes simple and safe.

To learn more about the Gehl R Series skid loaders click here

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