“Secure It, Keep It” Campaign Backed by VPS

“Secure It, Keep It” Campaign Backed by VPS

VPS Site Security, responsible for Europe’s largest fleet of CCTV Towers, has backed a ‘Secure It, Keep It’ campaign to reduce a rising trend in construction crime

Ireland’s Construction Industry Federation, together with Ireland’s National Police and Security Service reported a 35% rise in construction crime last year.  Vehicle theft from building sites made up over 40% of these crimes.

“This staggering rise in thefts in Ireland is likely to be reflected across the UK and Northern Ireland experience also, where the latest estimates calculate plant and equipment worth up to £2 million a day is stolen from construction sites” comments Mark Wilson, Head of Operations at VPS Site Security. “So little of the stolen tools and equipment are recovered, the key to managing down this cost is to get the security right first time.”

VPS Site Security has listed their ‘Great Eight’ Secure It, Keep it checklist tips:

  1. Set up CCTV – JCB SmartTowers, with day and night vision cameras, remote control movement and both pre-recorded and live response audible warning systems are “like having several guards 24/7 on site.”
  2. Check and secure perimeters Fences or hoardings are effective to keep a compound secure
  3. Deploy good lighting especially when the clocks go back (October 28th)
  4. Keep the number of gates to site entrance to a minimum
  5. Temporary security alarms should be used that can operate without external power and be easily relocated as the construction site develops
  6. Control access to the site – and use the CCTV to help monitor and check visitors
  7. Store your tools and equipment in a secure area – some sites use sea containers to lock up and store their equipment
  8. Report all thefts and suspicious activity on sites to the police

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