Terex Trucks Stars in Sky One Hit

Terex Trucks Stars in Sky One Hit

‘Carnage’, one of the latest shows from Sky, sees contestants battling customised vehicles against each other in a series of challenging arenas.

But they aren’t just competing with each other, they also have to escape ‘The Pusher’, a heavily modified Terex Trucks 2766C articulated hauler from the late 1990s. Filmed in Tankwa Karoo National Park, South Africa, Sky One’s new show, ‘Carnage’, has been described as a cross between Robot Wars and Mad Max, with a hint of Wacky Races thrown in for good measure. In each episode – the first of which aired on May 6th – teams of engineers, mechanics and drivers have to battle it out against one another’s souped-up vehicles in three challenging arenas.

The Pusher
The aim of the game is to damage the other opponents’ vehicles to the point where they are rendered immobile. But they’re not just competing with each other – they’re also up against the show’s ‘mutant monster trucks’. Dwarfing everything in its path, the biggest of the three is a modified Terex Trucks 2766C articulated hauler, which was manufactured in Motherwell, Scotland, and dates back to 1997.

Weighing in at 22 tonnes, the 2766C – or ‘The Pusher’, as it’s known on the show – is as big as it is powerful. In fact, the team over at Sky One had to apply for a special road permit in order to get the truck on site. Contestants face the truck in ‘The Grid’ – an urban-style obstacle course, surrounded by walls of fire and a three metre trench. The Grid is the only one of the three arenas that’s big enough to accommodate the size, turning circle and weight of The Pusher.

Modified machinery
The 2766C dump truck has gone through a series of modifications in order to become The Pusher. “The idea was to design a vehicle that no contestant would want to meet face-to-face, and that was so big and powerful that you could outrun it but not outmuscle it,” says Francois Grobbelaar, Carnage’s stunt coordinator. “That’s why I chose Terex Trucks’ 2766C. It was the ideal vehicle to use for our build.”

To help transform the 2766C and get it into character, the truck has been spray-painted black, given tinted windows and had white smoke added to the smoke stacks. Being so big and heavy, there was a risk that the 2766C would damage the arena – so, the original loading section was replaced with a lightweight tank.

To ensure that it was protected from any damage caused by the contestants’ vehicles, metal window screens were installed as well as wheel guards. “Some contestants use spikes to damage other vehicles,” explains Francois. “So, we fitted angled conveyor belts under the front of the truck to deflect spikes away from the wheels, reducing the risk of a flat tyre.”

Other add-ons include three CCTV cameras for 360-degree visibility, an access door at the back and a platform with a hatch, making it possible to film driving shots with the presenters. Another noticeable modification is the enormous snow plough that has been retrofitted onto the front of the machine.

With this level of customization, it’s no wonder that The Pusher is virtually unrecognizable as a Terex Trucks 2766C hauler. Originally designed for performing in quarries, mines and commercial construction projects, Carnage shows the 2766C truck in a completely new light. However, very much on-brand, the 21-year-old truck has managed to outmuscle every contestant so far. “This truck is still going strong – albeit in a very different application – which demonstrates just how robust Terex Trucks machines are,” says Paul Douglas, Managing Director of Terex Trucks. “Terex Trucks haulers are durable, reliable machines that are truly built to last.”

“We always planned for The Pusher to be the star of the show, and that’s indeed what it is,” concludes Francois. “It was a great vehicle to work on and I am very happy with how she turned out. We hope to use her in more seasons.”

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