Trime UK donates their Executive Hire Show ‘Living Wall’ to a local Primary School

Trime UK donates their Executive Hire Show ‘Living Wall’ to a local Primary School

Trime UK specialise in supplying sustainable site lighting and associated equipment predominantly to the UK and Ireland hire industry.

The company recently showcased its equipment at the Executive Hire Show held at the Coventry Building Society Area in February.

To highlight their ‘green’ credentials Trime built a novel display of a host of live green plants, which covered a large part of their presentation.

The stand design was the brainchild of Trime’s marketing manager, Emma Cohen. Commenting on this innovation, Emma said, “We are well known within the hire industry for our sustainable, energy and water-saving machinery. However, the show always attracts new visitors, so we wanted to draw these visitors’ attention to our environmental credentials. We received many positive comments about our stand, so we believe that we got our message across.”

After the show, the plants were carefully packed away and delivered to a local primary school, Godmanchester Community Academy.

Mrs. Harman, Eco-Coordinator Godmanchester Community Academy School said, “As an Eco-School, we were delighted to receive the offer of a Living Wall from Trime UK.  Our pupils are passionate about the environment, sustainability, and also gardening.  Over the past year, our gardening club has worked hard to develop multiple areas in our outdoor environment.  The living wall has now meant that we can bring nature indoors and enjoy the benefits of plants, greenery, and growth in our foyer. Our pupils have got straight to work with sustaining the living wall and are taking responsibility for watering the wall.  Our gardening club intends to research the different plants included to make sure we are giving them everything that they need to survive and flourish.  The wall, which is situated in our foyer, has already been admired by our many school visitors and allows us to celebrate our passion for nature and the environment from the moment people enter our building.  The generous donation from Trime UK has meant that as well as creating a living wall, we have plants left over.  Whilst a number of these have been placed in classrooms to be cared for by pupils, our gardening club will also be holding a sale to raise further funds for more bulbs and seeds to be planted in our outdoor areas, including our wildlife area.  We can’t thank Trime UK enough for thinking of us and supporting us with this donation.” 

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