Walkthrough guides ease software roll-out

Walkthrough guides ease software roll-out

BigChange has announced ‘Walkthrough Guides’ to make it easier to introduce new software. As companies switch from paper or older software systems, using new software can be daunting for staff, so BigChange has developed simple pop-up guides to take new users through the software step-by-step.

BigChange is an all-in-one job management system that typically replaces a series of separate systems. It incorporates a mobile workforce app., customer relationship management (CRM), job scheduling, live tracking, financial management and business intelligence. This means companies can introduce common software company-wide which is ultimately easier to manage and use.

“BigChange is proving especially popular with traders providing field services; many which have ambitious expansion plans and see the transition to digital working and the latest technology as vital to their success,” says Jonathan Isaacs, Product Marketing Manager, BigChange. “At BigChange we appreciate how challenging the roll-out of new software can be, so we’ve put ease-of-use and training a top priority.”

BigChange supports implementations with experienced onboarding teams and a ‘BigChange University’ offers a comprehensive set of text and video guides. However, BigChange realises that busy staff cannot always free up their time, so the Walkthrough Guides provide training on-the-job, guiding the user step by step as they do their job.

The guides pop-up on the same window, so users do not have to flip between the guides and screen they are viewing at the time. Depending on their job, individual users get a filtered view of the system so they only see what they need to see and this applies to the Walkthrough Guides as well.

“Ultimately the success of a new system depends a how well – and how extensively – the system is being used. The Walkthrough Guides add to the tools available to smooth the transition and allow everyone to get the most out of the software. And once implemented, BigChange is time and time again proving truly transformational for businesses,” says Isaacs

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