Yanmar CE launches ‘What Are You Building’ film at Conexpo

Yanmar CE launches ‘What Are You Building’ film at Conexpo

From Japan to Germany, Ireland to India, Austria to America, all around the world Yanmar Compact Equipment customers, dealers, and employees all have something in common.

They are all building something.

For some it’s about building a business, a future, a reputation, and a long-term legacy. For others, it’s about building a career, customer success and even a better world. Yanmar Compact Equipment’s new brand film, ‘What Are You Building?’ uncovers the reality and premiered at ConExpo, the global construction industry fair staged in Las Vegas, 14-18 March 2023.

A global cast
Filmed at various worksites, dealerships, trade shows and factories across North America, Japan and Europe, this short film gets to the heart of what Yanmar Compact Equipment and its customers and dealer partners dream of building. At its heart, the film is a simple idea, simply executed. Essentially, the film crew has gone out with a camera and asked Yanmar customers, dealer partners and colleagues to describe what they are ‘building’. The answers, all of them spontaneous, have then been simply edited together. As can be seen, the result is powerful and above all, 100% authentic.

Not a product movie
This film is not about products, it’s about the motivation to build something more fundamental, and shows a refreshing attempt to uncover the human side of the construction equipment industry. Yanmar Compact Equipment’s ‘What Are You Building?’ film may not have been designed to sell its latest range of compact equipment, but in an industry where relationships and a shared sense of purpose are increasingly important, this short film captures the essence of the Yanmar Compact Equipment brand and brings the company’s brand promise ‘Building With You’ to life.

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