Articulated booms

Articulated booms

JCB is introducing two articulated boom aerial work platforms – the A45E and A45EH – with a choice of full battery electric and diesel/electric hybrid drivelines.

Maximum platform height is 13.84m on either model, with a horizontal reach of up to 7.47m, providing an up and over clearance of 7.48m. The lift capacity for both booms is 300kg.

The A45E is a full electric version of the previous AJ48D. The A45EH is a diesel/electric hybrid version of the same machine. The A45E is powered by eight 6V batteries, creating a 48V, 400AH operating system. The A45EH uses a 14.8kW three-cylinder diesel engine and a 7.5kWa generator to power the machine’s eight 6V batteries. A 40-litre fuel tank provides more than enough fuel for a full week of operation.

Both of the platforms have four-wheel drive and two-wheel steering as standard. The wheels are driven by four AC motors and these motors recover energy through regenerative braking, to prolong battery performance. As drive is provided to each individual wheel, the machine is capable of climbing up to 40% gradients.

 The platform has three entry points for ease of access. There are four harness clipping locations, allowing the operator full access around the basket. The booms are equipped with a Slew Acknowledgment feature and a Tilt Sensor prevents machine elevation when the chassis is on unlevel ground.

JCB’s LiveLink telematics monitoring system provides real-time operating data on performance, service schedules and fault codes.

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