Drilling just got easier

Drilling just got easier

Atlas Copco has introduced a new model to its portable air compressor DrillAir family – the X-Air⁺ 750-25. The latest unit is said to be at least 10% more efficient than its predecessor, promising low total cost of ownership and reduction in carbon footprint across the DrillAir range. 

According to Atlas Copco, the X-Air⁺ 750-25 heralds a new era in compact solutions for medium-depth drilling, by being fully flexible between 16 and 25 bar and a flow between 350 and 320 litre/sec.

Engineered with a highly efficient 6.7-litre Cummins engine, it offers durability and power with half the footprint and weight of the predecessor, enhancing agility and versatility.

At the heart of the unit’s performance is the AirXpert technology. Through automatic regulation, this patented technology adjusts operating parameters based on real-time flow requirements, leading to significant reductions in fuel and energy consumption and optimizing medium-depth drilling operations.

The dynamic flow boost feature further optimizes performance by enhancing flow rates during drilling’s most demanding phases, notably improving flushing and drill stem refilling. This innovation ensures a quicker, more efficient borewell completion process, streamlining operations and significantly cutting down project timelines.

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