Komatsu’s new all-electric excavator

Komatsu’s new all-electric excavator

Komatsu has revealed details of its new all-electric excavator which is destined to reach our shores in the near future.

The 13-ton class PC138E-11 will be equipped with a 225-kWh lithium-ion battery for long hours of operation and is being viewed by Komatsu as ‘a step toward the establishment of a market for electrified construction equipment with an eye to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050’.

By equipping a high-capacity lithium-ion battery and integrating a cooling system for the battery and electric components, Komatsu claims to have achieved ‘a long operation time while reducing the rear-end swing radius.’

In addition to its zero exhaust emissions, its many features include a compact body size, reduced worksite noise, a reduction in machine vibration and heat generation, less operator stress and fatigue, and a substantial reduction in routine check-ups and periodic maintenance thanks to the absence of check-up items relating to the engine and fuel.

Other vital stats include its 0.5m3 bucket capacity, 7.97m length, 2.49m  width and 3m height and 1.83m tail swing.

‘In regions where electric construction equipment markets are expected to be formed, Komatsu is working to have a variety of customers – with different machine operating conditions and power supply sources – use the PC138E-11 as a rental machine so they can experience its environmental friendliness and safety’ its announcement states.

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