Kubota’s feature-packed mini-excavator

Kubota’s feature-packed mini-excavator

Powerful and loaded with productivity-enhancing features, the KX085-5 offers real time tracking of relevant data such as work rates, idling times and location as well as sophisticated controls.

Kubota’s latest offering is the KX085-5, an 8.5-tonne mini-excavator driven by an advanced Kubota engine that combines high power with low emissions, ensuring efficient completion of diverse tasks.

The KX085-5 incorporates a robust hydraulic system, offering reliability and seamless operability. An optional two-piece boom provides extended working and dumping ranges, proving particularly efficient in narrow spaces. Productivity should be greater too, since the hydraulic mechanism allows simultaneous control of the arm, boom, bucket, and swivel.

High-performance features are aplenty in the KX085-5. These include two auxiliary circuits with adjustable maximum oil flow, load sensing hydraulic system for smoother operation regardless of load size, float function for easy ground finishing, as well as an auto-shift system that offers intuitive control when dozing and turning.

Designed with energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness in mind, the KX085-5 employs an auto idling system that automatically reduces the engine RPM to idling speed when the control levers are left in neutral for more than four seconds. Additionally, an Engine Auto Stop system comes as standard, automatically turning off the engine after an adjustable idling time.

The mini-excavator features a spacious cabin, providing ample legroom and a wider entrance. A double adjustable air suspension seat offers enhanced comfort levels, and a high-resolution, full-colour 7” LCD digital display screen presents all vital operational information, augmented by LED working lights and a rear view camera for improved visibility.

Maintenance is made straightforward with a triple opening bonnet and an optimal arrangement of internal parts. The KX085-5 has a shorter rear overhang, ensuring operability in restricted spaces and better stability. Cast-iron protectors on the rear overhang reduce potential machine damage on restricted work sites.

Security is a key aspect of the KX085-5, which uses Kubota’s innovative tracking system technology, granting operators access to real-time data for increased efficiency and safety. The intuitive and user-friendly portal can enhance productivity thanks to the constant review and analysis of real-time parameters of parts such as machine work rate, operating times, actual operation, occupancy rate (as a percentage), idling time, DPF regeneration history, water and oil temperatures, and fuel consumption. In addition, the portal provides alerts that show a machine’s faults enabling a fast response and resolution, cutting downtime to a minimum.

Through the portal, machine owners can view GPS-tracked locations, monitor the KX085-5’s movement, and use geofencing to designate specific areas of use. Notifications are sent if the machine leaves the set area. Additional security features include Kubota’s Anti-Theft System, allowing only programmed keys to start the engine.

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