Max features, mini machines

Max features, mini machines

The new DX17Z-7 zero tail swing and DX19-7 conventional Stage V compliant mini-excavators from Develon are said to provide significantly increased performance, versatility, operator comfort and easier maintenance than their predecessors.  

Both models are powered by the Kubota D902 Stage V compliant diesel engine providing a 20% higher gross power output of 12.1kW (16.2hp) at 2400rpm. The engine also offers a 25% larger displacement and a 29% increase in engine torque to 54.6Nm at 1900rpm, translating into high overall reliability and reduced strain on the engine and other components.

Both the DX17Z-7 and DX19-7 have a 1.75m boom and 1.03m arm as standard, with an optional longer 1.23m arm available for both models. The DX17Z-7 has a cast 180kg counterweight as standard with an additional 85kg counterweight for use with the optional longer arm. The tail swing radius in the DX17Z-7 has been reduced by 6.5% to only 645 mm compared to the previous model. The tail swing radius increases to 720mm when the additional 85 kg counterweight is used. An integral 65kg cast counterweight is used in both the standard and longer arm versions of the DX19-7.

For the hydraulics, one- and two-way proportional flow is provided as standard with easy access to the selection valve. Flow is easily controlled via a thumbwheel on the right-hand joystick, providing better flow control and increased operator convenience. With quick coupler piping already available on both models, the operator can switch to using a quick coupler by pressing a safety button on the left console – bringing up a warning message on the 5in digital display in the cab to notify the operator, who can then simply push a button on the right-hand joystick to begin quick coupler work.

The DX17Z-7 and DX19-7 are both equipped with retractable 230mm tracks, where the width between the tracks can be automatically reduced from 1290mm to 994mm and both machines have a foldable blade. The DX17Z-7 is available as a canopy machine, whilst the DX19-7 can be supplied with either a canopy or a cab.

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