More short tails for Takeuchi

More short tails for Takeuchi

New for 2023 is an addition to the extensive Takeuchi line up of short tail excavators.

The TB335R is a stylish new short tail that weighs in at 3.8-tonnes. One of the new 3-Series Takeuchi excavators, it is packed full of value-added features offered as standard for maximum safety and productivity.

The new model sits in the 3-4-tonne weight class. Stage V ready with 18.2kW and Eco operating mode this short tail delivers maximum versatility on-site. The larger than average track frame and optimized counterweight provides excellent stability and just 75mm maximum track overhang. The compact size offers maximum accessibility where space is limited.

The 3-Series styling comes with a very comfortable large styled cab with high back suspension seat and good foot room. A highlight is the 3-Series automotive styled Jog-Dial and large colour touch screen for easy machine operating. Designed for maximum all day operating, climate control comes as standard in the TB335R along with skylight with sun shade and rainguard. The in-cab DAB radio, microphone socket, Bluetooth, and a 12V charging socket provides all the support operators need for a “working office”.

The TB335R is designed with attention to safety on site. Visibility is enhanced with all around LED work lights – front, back and internal. The blind-side window is larger and lower for maximum dig and slew area visibility. Holding check valves are fitted as standard along with audible warning lift alarm. The steel hitch pipework is factory fitted with easy hand/foot activation switches. Regular attachments can be pre-set and password secured.

Service access as always is first class. The swingout engine hood and large side panels provide full 270° access for daily checks and servicing. The electric re-fuelling pump provides fast fill-up and has a cradle for safe storage. The in cab easy lift floor panels combined with a new front of cab service panel give maximum access to hydraulic components and test points.

The TB335R combines all the proven characteristics of Takeuchi excavators: smooth hydraulics, power performance, proven durability, high resale value, with maximum operator comfort and serviceability.

Trevor Stewart, Service Manager: “The new 3-Series Takeuchis deliver a modern stylish look with ergonomic feel. So far on the first test drives of the new TB335R model customers are very impressed on how it looks and feels, the all-around LEDs especially on the back is a real plus for safety on site. The machine is packed full of value-added features to make operating that much easier and efficient including electric re-fuelling pump and hose storage cradle as well as easy all round service access.”

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