Rotary club

Rotary club

Bobcat’s new range of rotary telehandlers offers nine Stage V powered models for the European market, covering lifting heights from 18 to 39m and lifting capacities from 5 to 8t.

One of the key aspects of the new line of rotary telehandlers, says the company, is the patented panoramic cab offering the best visibility on the market and a wide range of features, including:

  • Fully enclosed and pressurized environment for the operator
  • 100% Air Filtration
  • ROPS (Roll-Over Protective Structures) certification
  • FOPS (Falling-Object Protective Structures) certification
  • Air conditioning as standard
  • No cladding in the front (inspired by crane cab designs)
  • An easily adjustable steering column
  • A comfortable, fully adjustable seat
  • The cab is also equipped with a practical door: opening at 90° and 180°, in both the upper and lower sections

Inside the cab, the telehandlers are equipped with a new dashboard with a 7 or 12in display offering a choice of three different views: the classic real-time load chart; a new boom dynamic load chart – showing only the area in which the operator can move safely with a load – and, thirdly, a 360° view from above.

The cab also offers additional interior finishes, including a new courtesy LED light behind the operator’s seat for better illumination within the cab. When not in use, the remote control system for the telehandler can now be stored inside a new dedicated compartment. A new LED light has also been inserted under the left armrest, which is activated by opening the door and lights the floor area to make it easier when entering the cab.

Accessibility to the cab has been improved, thanks to the placement and modification of the access ladder. The ladder is now equipped with two handles for ease of use, and located in a more central position in front of the cab. An additional ladder – located at the rear, right-hand side of the machine – has also been introduced as standard and is particularly useful for service operations on the back of the boom.

A new button has also been introduced on the joystick, which allows the operator to easily align the turret with the access ladders positioned on the right and left hand sides of the telehandler.

With the core models available in the new rotary telehandler range, Bobcat offers a choice of solutions for four key lifting height segments, namely 18m, 21-22m, 25-26m and 30-32m, with a competitive choice in terms of machine capacities at these heights.

The new range also allows Bobcat to cover a fifth segment with 27, 35 and 39 m rotary telehandlers with a heavier lift capacity of up to 8t.

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