SANY launches new electric mini

SANY launches new electric mini

Following its debut to the UK market at the Executive Hire Show last month, SANY UK is proud to announce the launch of its new electric mini excavator, the SY19E.

The SY19E is a compact and versatile machine designed for a wide range of applications, including urban construction, landscaping and indoor projects. Powered by an electric motor, the machine produces zero emissions, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional diesel-powered excavators.

The compact SY19E with fully electric drive is equipped with a lithium iron phosphate (cobalt free) battery which allows for faster, safer and more efficient charging. Battery life span is also significantly longer with up to 3,500 full charge cycles which means no secondary battery replacement cost and zero cost toward the battery for the life of the machine,

Featuring a single automotive standard charging socket, the machine offers a fully flexible charging solution that provides 3 charging options as standard, and with no extra charge. There is a 240v domestic option with a 9 hour charge time, a 360v industrial option with a 2.5 hour charge time and finally a DC fast charge option of just 1.5 hours. The CCS2 charging socket also means that there is the additional benefit of being able to charge the machine at fast charge points in places such as petrol stations and hotel car parks.

“We are excited to introduce our new electric mini excavator, the SY19E to the UK market,” commented Leigh Harris, Business Development Director of SANY UK. “The machine offers exceptional performance and efficiency, while also contributing to SANY’s commitment to sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint.”

The SY19E is equipped with state-of-the-art hydraulic system that delivers fast and smooth operation, even in confined spaces. The machine’s compact size and low noise level make it ideal for urban construction and indoor projects where space is limited and noise pollution must be minimised.

“The SY19E is a game-changer in the mini excavator market,” said Harris. “We believe that it will set a new standard for performance and efficiency in this segment of the industry.”

The new electric SY19E excavator comes with an industry leading 5-year / 3000-hour warranty and is available through SANY’s authorised dealer network in the UK and Ireland.

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