Track ‘n’ trace

Track ‘n’ trace

Two new features to help rental companies efficiently get equipment out to their customers have been released by MCS Rental Software.

Without the check-out process, rental companies would typically have picked the rental equipment to be shipped from the depot but wouldn’t necessarily know what exactly was loaded onto a delivery vehicle. This is then made even more challenging to keep track of when using third-party haulage companies, says MCS.

With the new powerful combination of MCS Third-Party Transport and Check-Out, this process is now easily trackable with a clear record of what equipment is where at all stages of the rental journey.

Further to its new check-out feature, MCS Third–Party Transport feature enables hirers to manage third-party transport deliveries and collections via a mobile app. Third-party haulage drivers can now capture delivery signatures and take site photos that will instantly be available in MCS-rm so that hirers can improve cash flow and invoice customers much more efficiently.

Additional enhancements within the MCS Transport Mobile app include the latest what3words integration, making it even easier to navigate to a precise 3x3m location, especially useful for finding specific locations on large construction or event sites.

Nick Thomson, MCS Sales Director, comments: “MCS Check-Out is a great feature for transport managers to see exactly what has been loaded onto a vehicle for shipping, especially for rental companies where a different team member has picked the equipment to who is loading it for delivery. It can slot into each business’ processes differently, but we have also introduced specific extensions to fit specific practices. For instance, making the Check-Out feature mandatory meaning personnel cannot move onto their next job without completing the process first.”

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