Hewitt Crane Hire Boosts Fleet

Hewitt Crane Hire Boosts Fleet

Middlesbrough-based lifting specialist opts for Grove

The Grove GMK5250L has quickly become a hit with lifting companies looking to bolster their capabilities with an all-terrain crane that has the highest capacity and best load charts in its class. J. Hewitt Crane Hire is the latest company to add the 250 t (300 USt) crane to its fleet, and chose the crane for its (70 m) 230-ft boom reach and its five-axle maneuverability. The company also saw benefit in the crane’s VIAB turbo clutch and integrated retarder, which eliminates both fluid overheating and clutch burning.

“We are delighted to be in possession of this flagship crane,” said Paul Hewitt. “One of the main reasons we purchased this crane is because it offers one of the longest booms in its class and it is easy to maneuver, making it well-suited to work on a variety of job sites. This will provide a more efficient solution for our customers than previous-generation cranes.”

The Middlesbrough, U.K.-based company has been a Grove customer for 36 years, boosting its crane fleet to more than 30 units. It plans to operate the crane 24 hours a day, seven days a week from its Tees offshore base in South Bank, Middlesbrough, serving customers that work in construction and marine applications, as well as other industrial and supply functions.

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