Engcon’s Quick Hitch Sets New Safety Standards

Engcon’s Quick Hitch Sets New Safety Standards

The latest quick hitch systems from Engcon, the world’s leading tiltrotator manufacturer, are making it quicker, simpler – and most importantly safer – to change tools and attachments, regardless of the excavator make or model.

Developed as part of the manufacturer’s safety drive, the range includes the Q-Safe quick coupler with triple safety system; the newly upgraded EC-Oil, which enables automatic hydraulic and electrical connection of hydraulic tools and attachments; and the new Quick hitch Standard Control (QSC).

Creating the industry’s first quick hitch operating standard, Engcon’s QSC is compatible with virtually every make of excavator, tiltrotator and quick hitch on the market today.

Q-Safe – triple safety system

Engcon’s Q-Safe is an S-type quick coupler with an optional high flow hydraulic connection. As well as reducing downtime when switching tools, this quick coupler has a triple safety system to prevent accidents and costly delays caused, for example, by incorrect attachment connection or dropped buckets due to operator error.

With an S-type coupler like Q-Safe, all the digging forces are distributed through the coupler frame, regardless of angle and rotation of bucket, and not through the locking mechanism as with the conventional UK pin-grab type couplers.

engcon_q-safeAdditionally, the build height is much lower (around half) and it weighs much less than alternative coupler systems, resulting in potential cost savings for owners and operators.

Q-Safe is specifically designed by Engcon to meet or even exceed site safety standards and to reduce the risk of injuries and/or project delays due to misuse of equipment.

For example, with Q-Safe fitted to an excavator the bucket or tool must have ground contact that exerts a given pressure before it can be removed, which means attachments cannot be detached whilst suspended in mid-air. Also, unlike some manufacturers’ coupling devices, Q-Safe will not allow tool connection or removal unless the quick hitch coupler is fully locked on.

In the event of incorrect connection audible and visual warning signals are activated. The system also provides the option of limiting the boom and dipper function when the hitch is in an unsafe condition.

This is a particularly important safety feature for large contractors operating on congested sites as it reduces the risk of accidents to workers on the ground.

Q-Safe is available for all excavators in the 6 – 32 ton weight class and is part of a total solution for Engcon’s Generation 2 tiltrotators which let the operator tilt or rotate the excavator’s bucket (or any other attachment) for maximum machine utilisation.

EC-Oil – safety and efficiency

Q-Safe is factory-prepared for use with the company’s EC-Oil which enhances safety and efficiency even further by enabling automatic hydraulic and electrical connection of hydraulic tools and attachments.

Designed for even the most demanding site conditions, the design means there’s no exposed hoses or electrical cables, which could pose a potential safety hazard, and tool and attachment changes can be made directly from the cab – saving time and improving safety on site.

Using EC-Oil above and below the tiltrotator makes it possible to disconnect the tiltrotator when maximum breakout force is required; it also allows quick and easy connection of hydraulic tools to the excavator. This facility saves weight, which means fuel savings and a better overall economy.

In fact, Engcon claims excavator owners/operators can recoup their investment in a Q-Safe system with EC-Oil in a matter of months by maximising operational efficiency and safety on site.

Engcon tiltrotator EC226QSC – the next step in safety

There are currently around 20 major excavator manufacturers, all of which have their own systems for operating quick hitches.

Providing a universal quick hitch operating standard, Engcon’s QSC (Quick hitch Standard Control) minimises the risk of activating the wrong button or function if an operator switches from one make/model of excavator to another.

All functions are brought together in the system’s universal control panel which is always located in the same position in the operator’s cab for ease of recognition. The operator can activate the excavator’s quick hitch and the tiltrotator quick hitch using switches on the QSC control panel.

QSC can also control most quick hitch versions on the market and improve the function of fully hydraulic solutions and quick hitches such as Oil Quick and EC-Oil. When using the system, the quick hitch gains an additional unique safety function in that it requires ground pressure on the bucket to release it. This means the bucket cannot be released in the air, thus reducing the risk of accidents caused by falling buckets.

Together with the Q-Safe quick hitch, QSC further increases safety by means of an audio visual alert system. If both bucket axles are not in the correct position, the system uses sound and light alerts while also activating slew lock and boom lock functions.

With the QSC and Q-Safe quick hitch combination Engcon now delivers one of the world’s safest quick hitch operating systems.


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