Kubota UK launches several compact machines to the market

Kubota UK launches several compact machines to the market

They might be late to the UK, but they’re still in good time for those seeking a wide range of compact loaders and a versatile tele.

A damp day in March in Thame, Oxon, near Kubota’s UK headquarters, saw the company launch several ‘nearly new’ compact machines to the market. Nearly new, because some of these machines have been available in Europe for some time now, yet Kubota has only just introduced them to the UK.

The reasons for this apparently lie in earlier engine shortages, causing the company supply headaches and, bluntly speaking, not enough machines to go round. With engines now in abundance it seems, it’s our turn to experience them.

First is the RT-2 wheeled loader range. The diesel-powered models have power outputs from 15-36kW from their EU Stage V compliant Kubota engines. The two most powerful models feature a DPF/DOC emissions control module, along with a 6,000-hour service interval.

From the RT210-2 upwards, Bosch Rexroth hydrostatic transmission are used to drive mechanical axles, and this enables limited slip or 100% mechanical diff locks to be used to boost traction. Travel speed is up to 30kph, depending on model.

Up to two auxiliary hydraulic circuits available, with one offering proportional control through the multi-function joystick, flow rates vary from 28-51 LPM. Boom float is part of the standard specification, as is a Eurohitch headstock.

The widest model is the range-topping RT280-2, at 1.4m with 31×15.5-15 tyres. Overall height is up to 2.34m, reducing to below 2m when using the folding canopy.




Tipping load (kg)


Lift height (mm)


Engine power (hp)

RT210-2 950 2825 26
RT220-2 1140 2450 26
RT250-2 1100 2964 26
RT260-2 1320 2498 26
RT270-2 1400 2964 50
RT280-2 1600 2498 50


Second on show in Thame was a ‘new new’ telehandler, the KTH4815-2. The compact machine boasts an overall width of 1.6m and an overall height of below 2m.

The KTH4815-2 achieves a maximum lift height of 4.8m and a maximum lift capacity of 1.5 tonnes, depending on the variant. Hose burst check-valves and a load-moment sensor with forward over-turn protection meeting EN15000 certification, is also part of the standard specification.

Hydraulic performance extends to up to 81 litres/min, with 51 litres available through an auxiliary circuit for powered attachments carried on the handler’s Eurohitch headstock. In addition to a hydraulically locking headstock, the telehandler features a proportional joystick, with adjustable flow rate and memory function.

An EU Stage V emissions compliant Kubota D1803 three-cylinder engine powers the KTH4815-2 with a peak output of 50hp/37kW.

Four versions of the KTH4815-2 telehandler are available; two are canopy-equipped models with a curved front screen, and two use fully glazed cabs with a two-piece door – the glazed upper section can be secured in the open position. The entry-level KTH4815-2 is supplied without a 170kg rear counterweight and is shod on 10/75×15.3 narrow tyres, reducing both its cost and performance. A wider, 31/15.5-15 skid steer tyre option is available.

In typical rigid frame telehandler fashion, the highest specification KTH4815-2 also includes three-mode steering, adding two-wheel and crab steering modes to the standard four-wheel steering function. Using four-wheel steering, a tight turning radius of 1.2m inner 2.7m outer can be achieved.

Engine service intervals are every 500 hours, and all four variants are offered with a two- year, 2,000-hour warranty.

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