The Bobcat PA12.7v portable air compressor

The Bobcat PA12.7v portable air compressor

Versatile and simple to use, the Bobcat PA12.7v portable air compressor operates in the range of 5.5 to 12.1 bar and offers free air deliveries from 5.2 to 7 m3/min.

Both pressure and flow are easily adjusted by buttons on the control panel according to the task in hand, which can range from general construction and powering hand-held pneumatic tools to sand/abrasive blasting and concrete spraying.

For ease of inspection, maintenance and repair, the lightweight polymer canopy on the PA12.7v opens a full 90 degrees for full access to essential components and maintenance points. Service intervals for several components have been extended to increase uptime and reduce maintenance costs.

Optional extras include an aftercooler, lubricator, spark arrestor and an integral high-performance 6 or 8.5 kVA generator. Externally, optional features include variable-height running gear, exterior protective elements, safety chains and a canopy-mounted hose reel.

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