Keep on Trucking: Terex 38-Tonne TA400

Keep on Trucking: Terex 38-Tonne TA400

The UK’s largest manufacturer and supplier of precast concrete solutions, FP McCann, has put Terex Trucks’ 38-tonne capacity articulated hauler, the TA400, to work at a quarry in Knockloughrim, Northern Ireland.

Crafted by the pioneers of concrete structures, The Pantheon, Trajan’s Market, and the Colosseum have all stood the test of time for close to 2,000 years. While the collapse of the Roman Empire threatened to make the material a thing of the past, concrete rose once again to prominence in the mid-18th Century, and it is now one of the most widely used man-made materials in the world.

Helping to keep the United Kingdom’s supply of concrete at an optimum level, family-run business FP McCann is using Terex Trucks’ TA400 to drive productivity at its Knockloughrim mine.

With expertise in the construction industry that dates from the 1950s, FP McCann has developed from a small quarry and asphalt surfacing operation to become a market leader in the manufacture, supply, and delivery of precast concrete.

Founded by Francis Patrick McCann, the company, which has a total of 12 manufacturing plants across the UK, quickly gained momentum through managing projects that included the construction of bridges, roads, and sports facilities.

Rock-solid operation

FP McCann’s quarries, surfacing, rady-mix and precast plants offer a range of heavy building materials to the construction industry throughout the UK and Ireland.

From loose stone to concrete, FP McCann has proved progressive in its commercial activities over the last six decades, which has been helped further by a number of successful acquisitions.

The company employs 1,500 people and has a history of serving customers’ needs and is known for its quality and reliability.

Matching its equipment to its ethos, FP McCann recently purchased a 38-tonne capacity Terex Trucks TA400 to transport blasted rock around one of its Northern Ireland quarries.

Showcasing its reliability, the robust articulated hauler has been piling up the hours moving material through the arduous environment of the quarry.

“There’s very little downtime when you have a Terex Trucks machine, and for the busy quarry environment that FP McCann operates it can’t afford any downtime, which is why it chose such a reliable truck,” says Jonathan Campbell, general manager at equipment distributor, Sleator Plant.

The machine, which was delivered straight from the Motherwell, Scotland factory to the Knockloughrim site, is the fifth Terex Trucks model to join FP McCann’s fleet and was provided by Sleator Plant, itself one of Northern Ireland’s top equipment dealers.

“We were happy to go with Terex Trucks once again; the TA400 is an excellent truck that ‘does what it says on the tin’ – it fits the requirements of the quarry,” adds Mark McCann, civil engineer at FP McCann.

“We’ve noticed an increase in productivity as the machine has been performing well, and the operators have also commented on the comfortable and ergonomic cab.”

FP McCann’s new truck is powered by a six-cylinder Scania DC13 EU Stage 4 compliant engine that develops gross power of 331 kW and the maximum torque of 2,255 Nm.

The TA400 is also fitted with autolube and a tailgate, while its great traction and effective power to weight ratio ensures material is moved as quickly as possible in all conditions – providing excellent productivity and low cost of operation.

Sturdy partnership

Thanks to a series of recent investments, Sleator Plant has a dedicated team of personnel that works seamlessly with Terex Trucks’ engineers to provide outstanding aftermarket service. This service played a major role in FP McCann’s final decision when it came to acquiring a new dump truck.

Campbell explains: “Sleator Plant and FP McCann have a longstanding partnership, and so it was natural that FP McCann chose to go with our sales and Terex Trucks’ well-proven TA400. It was great to get the repeat business and it’s also great that they have the confident vote in the trucks.

“FP McCann gets the best of both worlds with what Sleator can provide – and that is good, strong, reliable products backed by five-star aftermarket care.

“It’s a privilege to be one of FP McCann’s main suppliers and I think that’s down to the fact that the dual service we offer along with Terex Trucks is unrivalled. It’s a partnership in the true sense of the word.”

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