Kubota on the Road to Wembley

Kubota on the Road to Wembley

Flannery Plant Hire kick-off at Wembley with the Kubota’s U55-4.

Now celebrating 45 years in business, one of the UK’s largest providers of plant and ancillary equipment, Flannery Plant Hire, has experienced significant growth in recent years, leading to further expansion across the UK.

Following on from the company’s role in the major pan-European Crossrail venture, Flannery’s latest prestigious project is just down the road from its London depot and UK headquarters. Within 100 yards of Wembley Stadium, the Canada Court E03 Project is a £200m residential development, making it one of several high-profile cases within the rapidly growing area.

Before progressing onto the building stage of the project, John Sisk faced the task of completing the civil engineering and groundwork phase, a very labour intensive and critical step, with Flannery Plant Hire providing the machines and operators for this. It was a great opportunity for operators like Noel Murphy to put one of Flannery’s Kubota U55-4 mini-excavators through its paces, grading the ground and digging around utility works.

Noel said: “The U55-4 is very responsive and far more powerful than I expected. The space on the Canada Court project was becoming increasingly limited, which is why the machine’s compactness is so beneficial; the ability to manoeuvre in confined areas coupled with the power of the excavator is simply a win-win. The Kubota machine did an exceptional job of digging in and around utilities, plus the grading work, as we progressed towards the framework and structure phase. The sensitivity of the levers and the comfort of the cab made it a pleasure to operate.”

With 42 years of experience within the construction plant industry, Noel’s skills and expertise is highly sought after. Having gained such a vast amount of knowledge from a variety of projects, there’s few who can match his portfolio as an operator.

Noel continued: “When dealing with such a large project that’s on a tight schedule, it’s essential that we have machines we can rely on. I’ve been using Kubota machines for the last ten years and they’ve always performed consistently well. I’m confident that I could work with the U55-4 to the same level of intensity day in, day out for the next 15 years and it would still operate at the highest level of its ability.”

Quantity Surveyor at John Sisk, Barry McGauley, added: “Following our collaboration on Wembley and numerous other projects, our partnership with Flannery Plant Hire is stronger than ever. It’s a trust that’s built upon highly skilled operators like Noel and quality machines such as the new Kubota U55-4. Within the first three weeks of being onsite, the machine had proven its worth. It can operate around service runs and manholes with ease, demonstrates its strength as and when required and was a real asset in ensuring we completed the groundworks and utility works on time.

“When working on such a complex site with so much activity, the value of a compact machine that can dig well, grade with technical precision and manoeuvre around tight spaces can be vital to a project’s success.”

For more information on Kubota’s and its range of solutions for the construction sector click here.

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