Penny Hydraulics: The Advantages of Truck-Mounted Cranes

Penny Hydraulics: The Advantages of Truck-Mounted Cranes

With so many different solutions on the market, it can be difficult to decide which type of lifting equipment is right for your business.

There’s a whole list of things you need to consider, such as your budget and what a typical job looks like for your staff.

However, truck-mounted cranes are particularly versatile and work for all different kinds of applications. So, if you haven’t yet implemented them into your work, there’s a huge number of reasons why you should consider doing so.

Firstly, using truck-mounted cranes could save your business a great deal of money. This is because free-standing machinery needs to be transported, unpacked, and built from the ground up to be used, then packed up again and taken away afterwards, which can take up a lot of time and resources.

In contrast, the beauty of employing truck-mounted cranes is that they can be transported incredibly easily, and the set-up time tends to be particularly short.

Therefore, these kinds of cranes are perfect if you need your staff to be able to move from one job to another quite quickly.

Another benefit is that many truck-mounted cranes are designed to be used by a single operator, which means they could allow you to complete jobs with less manpower, helping you to save on staffing costs. Additionally, they don’t require much space.

So, truck-mounted cranes are great if you’re looking to take jobs in urban areas where you’re unable to set up larger machinery.

Finally, truck-mounted cranes are versatile in a number of different ways. Despite the fact that they don’t take up much space, they can still lift and move particularly heavy loads. They can also be attached to various different kinds of industry vehicles, from car-derived vans to large trucks.

So, with all of this in mind, it’s easy to see why truck-mounted cranes are so popular. In fact, they’re in such high demand that Penny Hydraulics, the UK’s leading producer of lorry-loader cranes, goods lifts, and lighting winches, recently released several brand-new models.

The company’s new range of PH Cranes are truck-mounted and ideal for light commercial vehicles. They incorporate full hydraulic control, which ensures smooth and precise load handling with a reduced risk of any sudden or unexpected movements that can cause accidents.

These controls also prevent the need to access the bed of your vehicle. All PH Cranes can be handled by a single operator and are used in various sectors, including local authorities, construction, and utilities. They’re particularly versatile and are easy to operate.

Additionally, PH Cranes are produced from high-quality steel, making them incredibly durable, but also compact and lightweight. Maintaining a low vehicle weight helps to keep emissions low and maximise fuel economy, enabling fleet owners to save money in comparison to heavier crane models on the market.

Overall, they’re a stellar choice if you’re looking for truck-mounted cranes that will help you to increase the efficiency of your work and potentially reduce your overheads.

The new collection is quite extensive and, as a result, you can choose the crane that suits your business’s requirements best in terms of how heavy your typical loads are and the kind of conditions your staff tend to work in.

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