REMU Bucket is the Star of the Screen for Apps Grab Hire

REMU Bucket is the Star of the Screen for Apps Grab Hire

Father and son team, Apps Grab Hire is one of those small family firms that are the engine room of our economy.

Operating within a 15 mile radius ofGatwick, the West Sussex based firm’s services to the construction industry include site clearance and recycling, where Paul and Daniel Apps can call upon three Scania grab lorries, and a 13 tonne JS130 JCB in the business of processing waste. Now they can add a REMU EP3150 Screening Bucket, courtesy of Worsley Plant, to that arsenal of vehicles and machinery.

“Driveways and landscaping jobs are a good source of work for us,” declares company owner, Paul. “We use the grab lorries to remove the waste and the hardcore, concrete, tarmac and clay is brought to our facility and separated.

“Previously that would have been done with a shaker bucket but I was persuaded to take on a REMU on a trial, and it’s transformed the rate at which we can handle the material. Not only that but there is far less wear on the machine and the end product is much cleaner.

“Getting as much hardcore out of the material as you can obviously makes good business sense for us and that also means there’s less going to landfill, which reduces transport costs and is a win for the environment. The rate at which we can get through material has increased and it’s very simple to use.

“This kind of equipment is a sizeable investment for a small company like ours but I’ve been very impressed with just how much we can now get out of the dirt, and with the savings we’re able to accrue compared to our previous working practices I reckon we can make our money back on the initial investment on the attachment within a couple of years.”

“The key is not to fill the bucket up too much, but in truth it’s been very easy to get the hang of,” explains Daniel Apps. “In fact, it really is a question of filling it up and pressing a pedal, and it’s so much quicker than the shaker bucket whilst maintenance is just a matter of daily greasing.”

REMU has been making screening devices for more than twenty years and has perfected a multi-functional tool for padding, mixing, separating and crushing. The manufacturer maintains that, thanks to their hydraulic system, they are virtually impossible to block and are suitable for a wide range of applications, including topsoil cleaning, composting, backfilling and pipeline cover.

For further information on the REMU range of screening buckets from Worsley Plant click here.

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