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Telematics | Freeway Fleet Systems

Thanks to Freeway Fleet Systems, FM Conway has transformed plant maintenance and asset management

Anyone in the business of managing a fleet of plant and vehicles needs to know that it is maximising the utilisation and availability of its assets, and today the technology is on hand to help you do just that. Take the leading infrastructure services company, FM Conway, for instance, who recently implemented an advanced computerised maintenance management system from Freeway Fleet Systems. The system is providing full visibility on the condition of the company’s assets and supports safer, more efficient working for its staff. Deployed to manage 8,500 assets, including a fleet of 1,100 vehicles and a wide variety of plant, the software is also integrated with Oracle, FM Conway’s corporate business system.

FM Conway wanted a system to that would make full use of its assets and resources, whilst ensuring full compliance with regulatory obligations. To control maintenance activity and ensure best practice is achieved, Freeway was selected as it was seen as the best fit to meet the requirement for a single systemised solution.

“FM Conway is a fast expanding business with diverse assets. Our focus is on self-delivery of construction projects to drive benefits for our clients and that means we have significantly increased our investment in our vehicle, plant, equipment and facilities in recent years,” says James Twyford, Business Systems Manager, FM Conway.

“Previously, we had an array of different systems to manage the assets with their own specific maintenance needs and different compliance requirements. The new system will provide complete visibility on the condition of our fleet, helping us to achieve efficiencies that we can pass on to customers.”

The all-in-one system, which also operates on tablets for mobile working, manages everything from works orders and scheduling, to resources, assets and inventory. It provides real time costs and workflows, with an interface that allows automated data interchange with Oracle for corporate financial administration.

“Compliance and safety are the overriding issues for us and the introduction of Freeway has revolutionised the way we work,” says Jeff Addley, Workshop Manager, FM Conway. “The new system ensures we have up-to-date and comprehensive records for all our vehicles and assets.

“Self-delivery is what sets our business apart but we need to make sure we’re optimising systems internally to make the model work and manage resource intelligently. Freeway has allowed us to improve productivity and utilisation, and having full fleet visibility has aided us in employing additional fitters and admin staff who can immediately see exactly what work is needed to stay compliant.”

“Freeway has provided fantastic support and development,” comments Twyford. “It’s a user friendly system and a user friendly company. Key developments such as the Oracle interfaces worked first time and that was particularly impressive it was the first time it had been done.”

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