Telematics | MCS Telematics Hub

Telematics | MCS Telematics Hub

More and more suppliers are converting to the MCS’ Telematics Hub, according to its developers

There are so many ways that visualising assets can help rental companies be more effective, and that’s exactly what the MCS Telematics Hub can now do.

The product was originally launched under twelve months ago, and is designed to bring together fleet telematics data from both inbuilt equipment manufacturer telematics, alongside any retrofit tracking systems that might have been installed. The result is a seamless view of all the relevant telemetry data within MCS-rm, where it automatically displays the information from the correct data source, enhancing equipment visibility and aiding decision making.

MCS Telematics

Not content to rest on what are already award-winning laurels, a recent improvement now enables equipment to be tagged with single or multiple criteria for it to be grouped and easily visualised on a map. Chris Clarke, Software Development manager for MCS comments: “Seeing filtered groups of equipment on a map with their actual locations means that you can make decisions based on actual physical machine locations and proximity so that they can operate in a far more efficient way. It will take away so much of the guesswork from the decisions that rental operatives make every day.”

Aside from the increased functionality, the list of telematics providers collaborating with MCS continues to grow steadily since its inception, and now includes the likes of Trackunit, JCB LiveLink, CanTrack and many others. Chris Clarke adds: “The MCS Telematics Hub is device agnostic and offers a rental company the ability to make full use of their current variety of favoured suppliers without needing to switch every rental asset to a single provider. Twelve suppliers have joined us already and we are working with many more. Our customers are helping us select our preferred partners by sharing with us the systems they use across their equipment fleets.

“Both equipment manufacturers and telematics providers are seeing the advantage that a more ‘connected’ business can bring to the end user with their own customers by offering them a more holistic view of their fleet within MCS-rm. Our combined value means our shared customers can be more aware of their actual machine usage, changing how they conduct their business now and in the future. Telematics data will play an ever greater part in enabling faster but smarter data driven decisions.”

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