Tough Enough: Camso Tyres

Tough Enough: Camso Tyres

“Tough to a whole new level” is how Camso describes its new tyres.

The construction industry has evolved over the years. General jobs have become more specialised and the skid steer’s versatility has been able to respond to this reality.

As applications become more specialised so should the tyres that work in them, because productivity and profitability can be maximised when the right tyre is selected for the right job.

As a world leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of off-road tyres, wheels, rubber tracks and undercarriage systems this is a consideration that Camso already understands very well.

The company employs more than 7,500 dedicated employees and is in command of a product range which occupies 11 per cent of the global tyre and track ‘off-the-road’ market, supplying its products in the replacement market through a global distribution network.

In addition, four research and development centres strategically located around the world ensure continual innovations.

The latest products to be added to an already considerable portfolio are two skid steer options. Building on past innovations, the SKS 753 and SKS 532 are the fourth and fifth skid steer tyre the manufacturer has launched since January 2015, all of which are built with features that increase tyre performance and overall durability.

The SKS 753 provides versatility and durability on mixed and hard surfaces, while the SKS 532 delivers superior traction on soft soil surfaces.

SKS 753 for Rental Fleets

This bias-ply, pneumatic tyre is the perfect solution for rental fleets and other mixed and hard surfaces. Its non-directional tread pattern optimises durability and versatility.

Its high lug-to-void ratio provides excellent wear and puncture resistance on hard surfaces, while its stepped shoulder lugs improve traction on softer surfaces. The SKS 753 is the next-generation of the well-known Solideal Hauler SKZ and will out-last it by 30 perc ent.

SKS 532 for Soft Soil

Traction is essential for productivity in soft soils and for digging deeper into the pile. Designed for optimum performance on general-duty, mixed-soft surfaces like construction and landscaping applications, the bias-ply SKS 532 improves both traction and durability with its extra-deep directional tread and curved lugs.

Its stepped tread pattern provides excellent mud clean out and comes with a void guard to reinforce and protect the carcass to prevent punctures and minimise flats. The tyre surpasses its predecessor, the Solideal Xtra Wall, with 30 per cent longer life.

To protect against sidewall damage, both new units incorporate a reverse sidewall design with impact guard to deflect objects and debris away from the tyre. This feature better protects the product from sidewall damage working to extend its life, and ultimately, contributes to a lower operating cost solution.

Mini Excavator Tracks

In the mini-excavator market the same manufacturer supplies the MEX HXD and MEX SD tracks, products which it describes as the toughest and best performing currently available.

Camso HXD tracks are designed with much thicker carcass offering more protection on puncture and edge cutting. A patented 3S internal iron core prevents detracking and minimises vibrations for better ride quality and lower maintenance costs, whilst high-tensile, rubber sealed steel cables are protected by a heavy-duty carcass and tread which resists punctures and cable corrosion.

This all translates in improved damage resistance, less downtime and over 30 per cent more service life than standard aftermarket tracks.

Indeed, as a testament to the faith the manufacturer has in the product both have seen an extension to their warranty terms.

The MEX HXD moves from 30 months/2,500 hours to 36 months/3000 hours – whichever comes first – whilst the MEX SD changes from 18 months/1,500 hours to 24 months/2,000 hours.

In addition, MEX tracks are non-prorated so customers receive full value on warranty replacement tracks related to manufacturing defects versus competitive products that base warranty on months of service or work with a prorating system.

For further information on the Camso range of off-road tyres, wheels, rubber tracks and undercarriage systems click here.

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