Waste Not Want Not

Waste Not Want Not

Manx recycling business choose Hyundai!

Tel’s is a family owned business which runs a recycling waste disposal transfer station, based in Union Mills on the Isle of Mann. Managing director, Terry Murtagh heads up the team alongside other family members, including his son Terry Junior and nephew, who is the company’s machine operator, Robert ‘Wolfie’ Murtagh.

The company run a fleet of four Hyundai’s which work in the recycling yard, these include a HL740-9A loading shovel, a 22-tonne R220LC-9A fitted with a Daemo rotating selector grab, a 16-tonne R160LC-9, with a high cab, and the latest purchase, an 8-tonne R80CR-9A fitted with a small Daemo selector grab. All the machines and attachments were purchased from Manchester based Hyundai dealer, HES Enterprises.

Tel’s transfer station is where Manx collection vehicles drop off material so that it can be sorted. The company handles a wide variety of materials, which includes wood, metal, stone, soil, plastics and cardboard. Once sorted the recycled goods get shipped across the UK and as far afield as India and China.

These conditions are not for faint-hearted machinery and handling 10s of thousands tonnes of waste per year – means they have got to be tough and reliable! Terry Murtagh said: “We bought our first Hyundai in 2013 from Andrew Shaw at HES, who I have known for many years, I bought machinery from his father when we were a muck shifting and demolition company more than 20-years ago. HES supplied us with the 16-tonne R160 and fitted it with a static cab extension, which is 1.5 metres high.”

Terry added: “We really liked the machine and it was excellent value for money. It did exactly what it says on the tin – I was made up with it. We went on to buy a loading shovel the following year and then the R220 and most recently the R80. They all perform very well and can handle the 8.5-hour shift with ease! I recommended Hyundai to another contractor and they purchased two minis’ – they are equally pleased with their performance.”

Robert ‘Wolfie’ Murtagh is one of the company’s machine operators whose wolf logo forms part of the fleet’s livery! Wolfie operates all of the Hyundai machines but his main mount is the R220LC-9A he said: “All the Hyundai’s are good machines – I can’t fault them. They are also operator friendly and a comfortable machine to drive, which is important when working long shifts. The rear-view camera is also good from a safety point of view and the power and fuel economy are excellent. The loading shovel is really powerful too.”

“We are delighted with the service we get from HES,” added Terry. “If we have an issue we call Andrew and he gets it sorted straight away. I would not consider moving away from Hyundai or HES.”

So HES Enterprises and Hyundai get the thumbs up from Tel’s! Terry also reported that he will be investing in another Hyundai machine next year.

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