Forshaw Demolition

Forshaw Demolition

Northwest specialist contractor Forshaw Demolition has purchased two HD Hyundai HX330AL crawler excavators to add to its growing fleet of equipment, citing the brand’s reliability, durability and  high level of back-up from local dealer HES Enterprises.

The company’s fleet includes an HX520, two HX380As, the two new HX330As, an HX300A and an HX140A. The machines are operated with a wide range of attachments, from buckets and hydraulic breakers, to shears, selector grabs, pulverisers and a magnet.

“We used to have other brands, but Andy Shaw at HES had been working to get a machine into our fleet. We started with an HX380AL during the pandemic. Now, as the machines have come due for replacement within the fleet, we have changed them to Hyundais,” said director Chris Forshaw.

“They are reliable and pretty good on fuel. But it’s the back-up, if we had an issue with this machine now, HES would be here today. If there is any issue, HES always helps us out.”

The dealer also prepares the HD Hyundai machines to Forshaw’s own exacting demolition specification, adding protective side skirts and additional safety handrails to the upper structure. A full cab protection frame is included, while rebar cutters are added to the track frames to protect the undercarriage and the upper structure of the machine. The company opts for OilQuick and Steelwrist quick couplers, that don’t require the operator to leave the cab when changing between attachments, boosting site safety.

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