Materially minded

Materially minded

Develon’s new machines come fully specced to meet the demands of material handling applications from moving scrap metal and other solid waste, to recycling and demolition. CPN has a look at what’s on offer.

Develon is targeting the materials handling sector with the launch of two machines, namely the DX230WMH-7 (24t) and DX250WMH-7 (25.6t). Both are Stage V-compliant and are designed, says the company,  to carry out the toughest tasks across a wide range of material sorting and handling applications. To this end, both machines are built with front and rear stabilizers, and a boom and arm specifically designed for material handling tasks.

Under the bonnet the latest generation Develon 6-cylinder, turbocharged DL06V water-cooled diesel engine produces 141kW (189hp) at 1900rpm.

One standard feature is the hydraulic cab riser, which gives the operator better all-around visibility of the attachment and work area. When combined with the rear view camera display in the cab, the operator has excellent visibility of the job site. The new material handlers are easy to operate with ergonomic joysticks and a steering wheel. The machines come equipped with two-way auxiliary and rotate circuit hydraulics to improve efficiency. The operator can use buttons on the joysticks or an optional foot pedal to control auxiliary attachments.

A special Develon-developed system, smart power control (SPC), is claimed to improve machine efficiency while maintaining productivity through variable speed control and pump torque control, automatically adjusting rpms according to the load being handled.

The SPC can be used with all four work modes available on the Develon DX230WMH-7 and DX250WMH-7 material handlers. These power modes help the operator to manage the balance of fuel consumption and machine power to the working conditions.

In addition to the four power modes, the new material handlers include a lifting work mode, which provides increased pump torque, low engine rpm and an automatic power boost.

Customers can also select the front type set up they want, with a choice between straight arm and gooseneck arm configurations, depending on the application and preference.

The DX230WMH-7 has been designed for standard loads, whilst the DX250WMH-7 includes a longer front and an additional 1.2 tonne counterweight to ensure high stability to deal with heavier loads.  The wide axle and front/rear outriggers also contribute to the high stability of both machines.

Develon’s latest fleet management TMS 3.0 cellular system provides the telematics via data collected from sensors on the machines. The telematics provide location and a full range of operational information to owners, dealers and Develon. Information can be accessed through a simple user interface, accessible online via a web-enabled computer or smartphone.

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