Forth Resource Take on Volvo Loading Shovel

Forth Resource Take on Volvo Loading Shovel

Especially so with the arrival of a new Volvo L90H loading shovel which takes charge at the company’s Todhills composting site on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

The new 12 tonne loading shovel which was ordered by Forth Resource Management (FRM) at this year’s Scot Plant exhibition has been supplied complete with a 3.0m³ quick attachment mounted Hi Tip bucket complete with top clamp.

“Both the size of the machine and especially the size of the bucket are the key to handling the variety, weight and density of the materials arriving here on site,” explains Operations Director Alex Dunbar.

“Here at Todhills we receive a whole variety of material ranging from green waste from street collections, waste wood, some inert concrete and rubble but in particular, topsoil for screening and processing coming from greenfield sites which is then blended with the compost we produce. The L90H and bucket combination is proving to be the best optimum solution for handling this type of diversity in our opinion.”

FRM are not exactly strangers to the Volvo brand as Alex explains. “When we set up the business fourteen years ago we purchased a Volvo BM LM642 and a 4200B from an uncle of one of the business partners which had both been previously engaged on farm work.

“We’ve still got the machines and they’re still running but this is the first new Volvo we’ve purchased. Volvo has a strong reputation for being a quality brand and we have high expectations from the new L90H in terms of performance and reliability but additionally from a strong residual value further down the line.”

But the company didn’t just stop at ordering the L90H and followed this up with an order placed for a second hand L60F. “This now brings the total shovels we operate across our nine recycling centres around Edinburgh, the Borders, East Lothian and Midlothian to nine machines,” says Alex.

The L90H supplied to FRM is powered by a Volvo Tier IV final Volvo 6 litre engine, developing 186 nett hp with a maximum torque of 853Nm at just 1400rpm.

The machine also benefits from Volvo designed and manufactured driveline components, designed to offer considerable fuel savings each shift. Fuel savings are further enhanced by the Volvo Eco pedal, encouraging the operator to run the machine at its optimum rpm in the engine’s torque curve.

To meet FRM’s specification requirements to operate the Hi – Tip bucket with top clamp, the machine has been fitted with third and fourth line hydraulics. Another important feature to safeguard the well-being of FRM’s machine operators is the addition of a BM AIR filtration system designed to filter and pressurize the air entering the operator’s cab.

This eliminates dust and odours arising from handling decomposing materials (green waste and compost). The system includes an audible and visual warning if the pressure drops inside the cab – for instance, if a window is left open or the door improperly closed.

Both the L90H and the L60F have been supplied complete with Volvo Blue Service agreements ensuring that they will be regularly maintained by Volvo service technicians using genuine Volvo parts.

Both units also benefit from Volvo’s CareTrack telematics system which can provide Alex with operating information and statistics remotely.

Forth Resource Management was established in 2002 with the aim of providing a sustainable recycling solution for green waste generated across South East Scotland opening its first composting site at East Fenton near north Berwick.

The company has evolved and developed to include nine operating sites strategically situated across East Lothian and Central Scotland. Their range of products has grown to include a number of grades of compost and topsoil which is sold commercially and to the public, specialist blends of materials for the sports turf industry and wood chip for biomass.

Volvo Construction Equipment markets wheeled loaders, articulated haulers, hydraulic excavators, Volvo utility equipment and Volvo road equipment products in Great Britain.

There are eight strategically placed customer support centres and a network of utility equipment dealers to ensure high quality customer support is maintained throughout the country.

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