Sermac Concrete Pump Goes to UCF Pumping

Sermac Concrete Pump Goes to UCF Pumping

Utranazz, The Concrete Equipment Specialist, has supplied UCF Pumping in Guernsey with a custom-made Sermac 4ZR20 truck-mounted concrete pump that has been manufactured to meet specific size and weight requirements.

The pump has been mounted to a specially modified narrow chassis that weighs under 14 tons to enable the pump to work in Guernsey, where the roads are notoriously narrow and subject to both weight and size restrictions.

The 4ZR20 has a maximum output of 100 cubic metres per hour and can discharge concrete at a vertical reach of 20m, a horizontal reach of 15.4m and a downward reach of -12m.

The multi-fold boom design combines both roll-fold and z-fold opening for maximum manoeuverability and allows the boom to open into its full reach of 20m at the exceptionally low height of 4.2m.

The hydraulic stabiliser legs have also been designed so that the pump can set up in minimal ground space (rear 2.48m, front 3.30m).

Jamie Weysom, Director of UCF Pumping, said: “The 4ZR20 has been mounted onto a special narrow chassis that is only 2.3m in width and has a gvw of under 14 tons. This makes it perfect for concrete pumping work in Guernsey, as the roads and lanes are very tight, with some down to just a single lane.”

Will Harris, Commercial Director at Utranazz, said: “We were delighted to be able to work with UCF Pumping on this project. We endeavor to provide concrete equipment to meet the most demanding and exceptional requirements from our customers.”


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