Four modes for materials

Four modes for materials

Develon has launched two new material handlers: the DX230WMH-7 (24 t) and DX250WMH-7 (25.6 t).

Stage V compliant, the new handlers are equipped with the Develon 6-cylinder, turbocharged DL06V water-cooled diesel engine, providing an output (SAE J1995) of 141 kW (189 HP) at 1900 RPM.

Develon’s Smart Power Control (SPC) improves machine efficiency while maintaining productivity through variable speed control and pump torque control, automatically adjusting RPMs according to the load being handled.

The SPC can be used with all four work modes available on the material handlers. These power modes help the operator to manage the balance of fuel consumption and machine power to the working conditions. The four selectable power modes include:

  • Power+ (P+) mode: delivers the fastest work group speeds and greater power for those high demanding material moving applications
  • Power (P) mode: provides exceptional power and superior performance for tough heavy lifting, quick truck loading and fast travel speed
  • Standard (S) power mode: enhances the machine’s fuel consumption while delivering high performance in everyday lifting and moving of materials
  • Economy (E) mode: helps reduce fuel consumption for low-demand applications and slows down machine movement for conditions that require more precise movements.

In addition to the four power modes, the new material handlers include a lifting work mode, which provides increased pump torque, low engine RPM and an automatic power boost.

The DX230WMH-7 has been designed for standard loads, whilst the DX250WMH-7 includes a longer front and an additional 1.2 tonne counterweight to ensure high stability to deal with heavier loads.  The wide axle and front/rear outriggers also contribute to the high stability of both machines.

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