Select Stone

Select Stone

Select Stone, a Northamptonshire-based company specializing in recycled building materials, has boosted its fleet with a Hyundai HX300AL crawler excavator and an HL960A wheeled loader, both supplied by local dealer Willowbrook Plant.

This investment joins an already robust fleet that includes another HX300, an HX140A, an HX220A, and various specialized crushing and screening machinery.

Business partner Mark Mullock shared his experience with the Hyundai machines, saying, “We’ve had a used HX300 for a while and a wheeled loader that had worked for seven years and 15,000-hours.”

The decision to continue investing in Hyundai equipment comes from the brand’s reliable track record and the exceptional service from Willowbrook Plant.

“Both companies have excellent reputations for delivering top-quality equipment and service,” Mullock noted, emphasizing the value of a strong relationship with a dealer who also provides servicing.

The new HL960A shovel made a particularly strong impression. “It only arrived on site for a demonstration, but was purchased before it was allowed to leave,” explained company founder Dave Bright, who spends a significant amount of time operating the loader.

The wheeled loader was also a no-brainer for his business partner. “You can’t beat the extra reach of a 30-tonne machine,” said Mullock. “We made the decision to go for a 30-tonner, as the difference in cost between a 20 or 30-tonne excavator isn’t that vast and the fuel consumption isn’t that much more. But with the performance that we get, it just makes sense to have the HX300AL.”

Both Hyundai machines come with a comprehensive three-year repair and maintenance contract, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. “They are really good on fuel and I can’t fault the back-up from Willowbrook,” said Mullock.

“We like the comfort of new machinery with a warranty,” he added. “Willowbrook monitors the machines for us through Hi-MATE telematics and they book in the servicing for us to keep everything up to date.”

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