Greenfisher Contracting

Greenfisher Contracting

The power of ‘word of mouth’ recommendations was shown when Greenfisher Contracting were in a hurry to get a tried and tested excavator for its expanding earthworks operations.

A trusted source had recommended SMT GB for reliable Volvo machines and quality aftermarket support so it was the first place the company looked.

Founded in 2019 by Kevin Collins and Claire Greenwood, the Midlands-based bulk earthworks specialist had relied on renting construction equipment but decided to buy its own 30-ton excavator, aiming to reward their loyal operator, Mark, with his own machine.

SMT GB’s used equipment specialist, Pelham Milligan, introduced Greenfisher to a lightly used 2021 Volvo EC300EL excavator with only 1,500 operating hours. Kevin was impressed with SMT GB’s approach, which prioritizes building long-term customer relationships based on trust and excellence. “It’s not just about selling machines,” says Pelham. “It’s about building long-lasting relationships with customers.”

After inspecting the EC300EL and consulting with Mark, a Volvo enthusiast, Greenfisher confirmed the purchase. Kevin, with two decades in the industry, values the breakout force, speed, and reliability of Volvo excavators. “If you’re serious about doing earthworks,” Kevin asserts, “you really need to have a Volvo within your plant holding somewhere.”

After inspecting the EC300EL in detail, Kevin only needed the approval of operator Mark to seal the deal. Mark, a Volvo aficionado, couldn’t agree more with Kevin’s assessment of the machine.

Before delivery in mid-2022, Greenfisher Contracting’s EC300EL received a full service and valet. SMT GB also repainted the counterweight and added new decals bearing Greenfisher Contracting’s branding. It was a level of care and attention that did not go unnoticed by Kevin.

“If you take a machine that’s one or two years old with a good pedigree from a reputable dealer and it’s been looked after,” he explains, “then all you need to do is compare the cost of a new one and that’s your saving. And, if you take care of it, the residual value should hold well.”

To ensure that is the case, Greenfisher Contracting took out an L2 service agreement with SMT GB for the EC300EL. So it will receive a service every 500 hours, and that travel, mileage, labour, and parts are all covered under the warranty.

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