Hugh Pearl Land Drainage

Hugh Pearl Land Drainage

Hugh Pearl Land Drainage has recently upgraded its fleet, replacing older Hyundai 140LC crawler excavators with the new Hyundai A series model, the HX140AL.

Over the last 12 months, two HX140AL excavators have been delivered and are now employed in various projects, ranging from path digging and pond drainage to larger-scale civil works such as car parks, cemeteries, and sports fields.

“Having relied on Hyundai machines for years, we’ve found them to be of great quality and value. So, upgrading to the next generation, the HX140AL, was a natural step for us,” explained Adrian Rowell, Contracts Director at Hugh Pearl. The new excavators have impressed the team with their enhanced comfort and increased power.

“Our operators only have good things to say about them. The cameras, in particular, have had a really positive response. They make our guys feel more confident when they’re working on a busy and complex site,” Rowell said.

The HX140AL, supplied by Hyundai Construction Equipment dealer Ernest Doe, features a robust exterior, advanced safety features, and improved serviceability, making it suitable for demanding construction sites and infrastructure projects. Its upgraded engine and control technologies aim to elevate productivity, with features like the EPIC hydraulic system, automatic engine shutdown, and lifting mode enhancing performance and efficiency.

The excavator’s Stage V engine, free of EGR, offers 3% more power and 12% more peak torque. The IPC system optimizes power at various working conditions, while the lifting mode enhances control and lift capability. Features like the automatic engine shutdown and Eco Gauge contribute to reduced idle time, fuel consumption, and emissions.

The cabin space in the HX140AL has increased by 13%, with electronic functions conveniently placed to improve work efficiency. The 8” touchscreen offers smartphone-like display and usability. Other features include a one-pedal travel system, a proportional auxiliary hydraulic system control switch, and a jog dial module for various controls.

The excavators feature pilot pressure-operated joysticks and pedals for effortless and fatigue-free operation.

The A-Series excavators are also designed for quick and easy servicing, with ground-level access to essential components and longer-lasting filters, a point that Rowell appreciates.

“From a maintenance perspective, we’re really impressed with the huge strides Hyundai has made. It’s easier to get in and out of the machines and to access the areas that need adjusting,” he said.

The Hi MATE telematics system and Mobile Fleet App provide real-time information for effective fleet management.

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