Hawk Purchase Bell Machines

Hawk Purchase Bell Machines

Hawk Plant Hire, part of the Hawk Group of companies which combine to offer a world-class portfolio of construction solutions, has announced the purchase of a further four Bell Equipment B20Es.

One of the largest plant hire companies in the United Kingdom, with over 40 years of experience in supplying technologically advanced, reliable plant equipment, Hawk has built a reputation by investing heavily in modern, state-of-the-art machinery, which is regularly replenished.

Its focused replacement programme, in addition to the company’s commitment to performing proactive regular maintenance has ensured increased reliability which has enhanced Hawk’s reputation with their client base.

Hawk’s ever-expanding fleet has featured ADTs manufactured by Bell Equipment for two years, firstly B40Ds and then, following the exceptional performance of this machine, B20Es. Both models have, since their introduction, received high customer demand; a call that has led Hawk to purchase four additional B20Es as part of its most recent investment programme. Hawk’s Director – General Manager, Paul Allman, gives the reasons why:

“We are always keen to secure the machines our customers ask for most regularly. This has certainly been the case with the B20E. The size of the ADT has made it very popular with clients across all sectors; because it’s compact, making it more agile and fuel efficient.

“The model offers proven versatility and performs well in testing ground conditions.  Our customers frequently comment on its cutting-edge technology, reduced running costs, the limited downtime it creates and its impressively low emissions. Hearing these observations first hand gives us confirmation that the B20E really is working well in the field.”

Hawk’s decision to top up its B20E vehicle tally has come as welcome news to Nick Learoyd, Managing Director of Bell Equipment UK. “We’re delighted to hear that Hawk’s customers are benefiting from the capabilities of the B20E. It’s a superb addition to any fleet, as it comes from the same stable as the acclaimed B30E, B40E and B50E, with comparable features and aptitude; however, it’s more compact, making it ideal for earthmoving tasks where space is limited. It offers the same power-to-weight ratio as our B30E – 5,11 kW/tonne – and as it’s fitted with wet brakes to offer sealed protection against deep mud. It’s in its element where ground conditions can be challenging.

“The machine has been a huge hit since we introduced it to the UK market last year, presenting itself as a favoured workhorse on water-rich or peaty sites, such as those being excavated for housing developments and windfarms. We hope Hawk’s latest B20E consignment creates the same demand as its forerunners and supplies Hawk with machines that consistently deliver for its clients.”

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