Multiplex Cleans Up with Ecolite

Multiplex Cleans Up with Ecolite

TCP (Taylor Construction Plant) were recently invited by Multiplex to demonstrate its zero emissions hydrogen lighting towers  

The Ecolite LED Hydrogen Lighting Tower was positioned on site at Marble Arch Place where Multiplex is creating a new landmark development for London and a striking gateway to the West End. In their drive towards low-and-zero carbon construction Multiplex embraced Clean Air Day with a series of campaigns across their projects, including educating drivers on good practice techniques to reduce emissions, respiratory health awareness activities and the promotion of zero carbon equipment.

TCP highlighted the benefits of its hydrogen fuel lighting towers, which not only eliminate carbon emissions, and fossil fuel consumption, but also remove noise pollution and the risk of fuel spills associated with traditional equipment. This innovative lighting solution which has been developed in partnership with BOC, a Member of The Linde Group, produces electricity from the reaction between hydrogen and atmospheric oxygen; the only emission is water vapour.

The hydrogen lighting tower was showcased alongside other new technologies across Multiplex Projects. Presentations were given by Multiplex’s Sustainability Team throughout Clean Air Day to raise awareness of the impacts of the construction sector on air quality. Site personnel were also given the opportunity to find out how healthy their lungs are with special monitors to help raise awareness of the importance of clean air on our health.

Tim Hoyland, Sustainability Manager at Multiplex said: “Here at Marble Arch Place, and across our Multiplex projects, we are always looking to embrace new and innovative technologies to drive our environmental performance. Being part of Clean Air Day is an opportunity for us to champion how a healthy environment can create healthy lifestyles, and to showcase sustainable products such as TCP’s Ecolite hydrogen lighting tower.”

Multiplex aims to install new environmentally beneficial technologies such as TCP’s hydrogen lighting tower across their significant portfolio of construction projects. Task lighting is typically required for groundworks and as well as lighting for site welfare and security. Simon Meades, TCP Ecolite’s Product Manager is confident that the product will provide a sustainable solution.

“Embracing hydrogen fuel cell products for off grid site power is still very much in its infancy but with their zero emissions, silent operation and that there is no risk of fuel spills, we are finding more construction companies want to explore this alternative energy. We are delighted that a global company of this size has approached us and recognised the sustainable benefits of our lighting towers which also use Prismatic Lens technology to reduce light pollution and unwanted glare.”

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