Wacker Neuson Universe 2018

Wacker Neuson Universe 2018

Wacker Neuson introduces zero emission equipment and digital worlds

Wacker Neuson showed how far construction equipment has already advanced recently and also gave visitors a glimpse of what to expect in the future. Customers, dealers and experts from across the EMEA region visited the Austrian production site in Hörsching, near Linz, to find out more about the latest zero emission machines, to test products and digital solutions and to engage in interesting discussions.

Wacker Neuson develops and manufactures excavators and dumpers at its production site in Hörsching. Following the construction of a new plant in 2012, the site is regarded worldwide as one of the most modern facilities in the construction equipment sector. Around 17,000 machines are produced here each year. Visitors to the Wacker Neuson Universe event were given a fascinating look behind the scenes during a tour of the factory. The company also organised a major equipment exhibition featuring the entire Wacker Neuson product portfolio and gave guests the chance to try out all products first hand.

“We are delighted that so many guests from across the EMEA region came to see us and experience the Wacker Neuson Universe first hand – exploring everything from our production facilities and latest zero emission machines to our service options and virtual reality capabilities. This proximity to our customers, dealers and partners is part of our company’s DNA. The event underscores just how important this dialog is to us,” summarises Alexander Greschner, CSO of Wacker Neuson SE.

Emission free construction equipment: The future is now
Wacker Neuson already well exceeds emissions reduction regulations. In addition to its portfolio of conventional compact machines, which already produce fewer emissions than cars, the company offers a full lineup of zero emission products that enable operators to carry out tasks on urban construction sites much more quietly and without producing any emissions at all.

“Our systematic expansion of the Wacker Neuson zero emission range is a logical step for us as we look to the future. For many years now, legal regulations governing emissions from construction equipment have been getting stricter. We are going one step further here and aim to offer at least one zero emission solution in each of our main product groups,” explains Martin Lehner, CEO of the Wacker Neuson Group. “Before we launch a new zero emission product, we have to be sure that the machine offers value for money over its service life and is cost-effective to run. This includes ensuring that each battery can run for an average working day on a single charge.”

The fully electric zero tail EZ17e mini excavator was extremely well received by visitors. This 1.7-ton electric excavator is the perfect choice for environments where emissions and noise have to be kept to a minimum, for example in urban areas or for work inside buildings and tunnels, and on sites close to schools and hospitals.

 The DW15e electric wheel dumper with all-wheel drive and a 1.5-ton payload is the latest addition to the zero emission family. This machine is ideal for transporting material in areas highly sensitive to emissions and noise. The DW15e is equipped with two electric motors, one for driving the machine and one for the hydraulics. This enables operators to reduce power independently, on demand, and also minimizes energy consumption. When the machine is braking or traveling downhill, energy is fed back into the battery. This means that the energy is not converted into heat – as is the case with conventional machines – but is used to charge the battery. The maintenance-free battery comes with an integrated charger that can be connected to a conventional domestic socket. The EZ17e and the DW15e will be available from 2019.

Digitalisation has been a key topic for Wacker Neuson for a long time now. Digital technologies are channeled into product development, production, and various smart solutions for customers, for instance. Visitors to the Universe were able to witness this expertise first hand during the company’s service and HoloLens presentation. The new telematics solution that comes with its own app to deliver outstanding service proved just as popular as the company’s digital maintenance and repair services. Wacker Neuson simulated a service call to show how experts can remotely guide on-site service technicians and help them repair machines. At another station, customers were able to use virtual reality simulators to see and operate products that are still at a very early stage of development, enabling them to provide valuable feedback directly at the event. The digital experience was rounded off with a 360-degree video that gave visitors the chance to virtually immerse themselves in the zero emission world of Wacker Neuson and marvel at how quietly and cleanly construction sites can be operated in sensitive areas such as zoos.

Early adopters
In addition to its zero emission highlights and digital worlds, Wacker Neuson unveiled its new 9-ton WL95 wheel loader for the first time. As the largest wheel loader in the portfolio, the WL95 is targeted at customers with particularly high-volume material handling requirements such as large construction companies and recycling plants. Equipped with the new ecospeedPRO continuous, hydrostatic gearbox, the WL95 can reach speeds of up to 40 km/h without changing gear while offering greater traction than comparable models. The WL95 will be available from October.

Visitors also had the chance to test the new dual view, four-wheel trucks from Wacker Neuson for the first time. These models will be available in the 6- to 10-ton class. Dual view is an innovative concept with a rotating seat that redefines safety on construction sites. Operators can turn the entire operating console and seat by 180 degrees, ensuring that they always have a clear view in the direction of travel when transporting, loading and unloading material. These dual view trucks can carry out all conventional transport tasks and also feature a host of additional benefits. Thanks to their articulated pendulum joint, the machines are much more maneuverable than conventional trucks and have superior off-road capabilities. They also always remain in contact with the ground even when fully loaded and have outstanding traction, especially on uneven terrain.

“We are delighted to have had such an impressive list of guests and are very happy about the positive feedback we received. The Wacker Neuson Universe has become an institution for dealers and customers. It gives us the chance to spend quality time with key partners,” explains Alexander Greschner.

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