Nixon Hire take the first Volvo EC18Es to arrive in GB

Nixon Hire take the first Volvo EC18Es to arrive in GB

Nixon HireTyneside based Nixon Hire has taken delivery of the very first E-series variant of the highly popular Volvo 1.8 tonne compact excavator with an initial batch of sixteen units.

The new E-Series Volvo compact excavators offer significant improvements over the ever popular D‑Series models in terms of stability, lifting capacity, a simplified operator interface, an improved ease of serviceability to the main components and improved styling thanks to a new three-piece cast iron counterweight and pressed steel side panels.

The E-Series models have a common platform which is built with durability in mind. All‑round steel panels are safely recessed 10mm behind the Volvo exclusive high-profile cast iron counterweight which ably provides protection and digging stability. With a machine height of a little over 2m and a variable undercarriage that can shrink to less than 1m – these new models can gain access to even the most confined of work areas. Once in position, the undercarriage can expand up to 1.35m for additional stability. The design ensures that the right frame corner, swing post and cylinder all stay within the tracks, resulting in maximum visibility and a reduced risk of machine damage when working alongside obstacles.

The EC18E takes performance to a new level, with a 13 percent increase in tractive force along with 2,130kg of combined digging forces. Its lifting capacity has increased by an average of 22 percent at the front compared with the D-Series model it replaces. The machine’s undercarriage has been elongated to provide even better all-round lifting capacity and stability, compared to the previous generation, together with a 140mm increase in digging depth. For further flexibility, the auxiliary hydraulic flows can be independently adjusted in each direction, ensuring optimal speed and control, and a second auxiliary line or X3 service is also available as an option.

The E-series affords an improved ease of maintenance and access to the main serviceable components, thanks to a hinged fuel tank which is unique to Volvo. A fifty-hour greasing interval further contributes towards the best-in-class serviceability on the EC18E. The engine can also be fitted with auto-idle and automatic engine shutdown features, which help reduce noise disturbance, service costs and fuel consumption.

From its historical roots based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Nixon Hire has expanded significantly, opening progressively more facilities across England and Scotland. In total, there are fourteen Nixon Hire facilities strategically placed to serve the local hire markets employing over 460 personnel. Nixon Hire was awarded ‘Company of the Year’ in 2014, recognising the collective hard work and dedication of Nixon’s workforce and their positive impact on the hire industry as a whole.

Volvo utility equipment, and more latterly, Volvo GPE machines have been a long standing element to Nixon Hire’s equipment portfolio. The company is one the oldest Pel-Job and Volvo utility dealers in the country, having taken on the franchise back in 1988. Since 1999, Nixon Hire has purchased over 1,300 Volvo compact and general purpose excavators accounting for £32.5m out of a total investment in plant and equipment of some £180m.

The current fleet of Volvo machines totals 690 which is regularly being increased and/or older machines replaced each year. For example, 140 compact excavators and 8 GPE excavators were purchased in 2018 and Nixon Hire is ready to place similar quantities for Volvo branded products for 2019. The company runs a mix of EC15s, EC18Es, ECR25s, EC27s, EC55s, ECR58Ds, EC140s and EC220s which are distributed around Nixon Hire’s fourteen depots in England and Scotland.

SMT GB markets Volvo Construction Equipment products which include wheeled loaders, articulated haulers, hydraulic excavators, Volvo utility equipment and Volvo road equipment products in Great Britain. There are eight strategically placed customer support centres, a dedicated National Used Equipment Centre and a network of utility equipment dealers to ensure high quality customer support is maintained throughout the country.

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