Algeco’s dedicated RAAC response team

Algeco’s dedicated RAAC response team

Algeco has implemented a dedicated RAAC response team to provide a lifeline for schools affected by RAAC and requiring teaching spaces, fast.

Available from locations throughout the country, Algeco temporary classrooms for hire include single and double formats as well as larger teaching blocks, through to whole schools.

Lead time depends on the size of the teaching space required, although single classrooms can be ready to accept pupils within as little as 15 days.

Algeco temporary classrooms are available in a whole range of configurations, offering light and airy, comfortable teaching spaces. The company is an approved DfE supplier and a member of the leading education procurement frameworks, such as Crown Commercial Service (CCS) and LHC Procurement Group.

Modules are stackable up to four storeys high, useful where available land is restricted. If the needs of the school change over time, it’s easy to add or remove modules or to reconfigure the space.

Algeco has been supplying temporary classrooms for hire into schools for 60 years. It has a highly experienced team of project managers that can advise on classroom layouts, and provide a single point of contact from start to finish.

Critical to this is on time project completion  – a factor never more important than when school children are having to be taught at home in some cases – put simply, schools need to know the temporary classrooms will be there when they are meant to be.

Alongside this is an exemplary H&S record at Algeco. Health and Safety is at the core of everything the business does in order to ensure a safe environment for customers, staff and stakeholders.

Algeco can deliver fully operational portable classrooms and educational spaces as part of a turnkey solution. This can include furniture hire and access ramps and sustainable climate control products, as well as fire detection and protection systems. Project teams can take care of everything, so classrooms are ready to use immediately.

Ricky Barford, Sales Director, Algeco Modular Hire, said: “We’ve earned a reputation for delivering value for money and we have flexible finance solutions available to help in situations like those currently faced by schools. Over the last few day we’ve received numerous enquiries from academies, schools and main contractors and expect more via the CCS modular buildings framework.”

Ricky added: “Our message to schools is that we have stock of temporary classrooms available now, and can have them ready for teaching in a matter of days.”

Algeco temporary classrooms are flexible and re-usable, meaning that there is minimal environmental impact. This re-usability and  recyclability, combined with energy efficiency, contribute to the Algeco ‘loops within loops’ model. This is at the heart of the company’s strategy, which employs circular economy principles to minimise waste throughout its whole operations and activities.

The Government’s Education Hub: ‘Everything you need to know about the new guidance on RAAC in education settings’ has put forward guidance to schools. An element of this includes the use of temporary classrooms for teaching spaces: “This could include using other on-site buildings, local spaces, safety measures in the affected area and, in some cases, erecting temporary buildings.“

Algeco is part of the Modulaire Group, a world leader of modular services and infrastructure, offering flexible, cost-effective, high-quality and timely solutions to help customers in a variety of end-markets.

The Group operates under the Algeco brand across the UK and Europe, where it is one of the longest established brands in the modular and offsite construction industry.

To find out more about Algeco classrooms for hire. email  Alternatively, call: 0808 108 2222.

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