Property marketing tech for farmer protection

Property marketing tech for farmer protection

During National Rural Crime Action Week, Datatag Supports Communities with 50% Off Marking Systems as Police and Crime Commissioner Introduces Property Marking Tech for Farmer Protection

In preparation for Rural Crime Action Week from 18th-24th September 2023, the National Rural Crime Network (NRCN) will showcase the hard work of its Police and Crime Commissioners and their teams in addressing rural crime. Datatag and the CESAR Security Scheme, backed by the CEA (Construction Equipment Association), will also be supporting this week-long initiative. Throughout the week, the focus will be on highlighting the measures taken by the Police and Crime Commissioners and their forces against rural crime.

Angelique Foster, Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner is funding the expansion of a high-tech property marking scheme to better protect farmers from thieves.

As part of her Police and Crime Plan priority to get tough on rural crime, the Commissioner is investing £15k in an initiative that gives farmers an opportunity to have their vehicles, machinery and equipment securely marked with the industry standard CESAR Security Systems and ‘Datatag’ products to help deter thieves.

The scheme is already active in North East Derbyshire, Bolsover and South Derbyshire.  This new investment will enable the Commissioner to roll out the scheme across the whole of Derbyshire to further protect farmers and their livelihoods from rural criminals.

There are a number of different types of markings used to keep property secure.  These include visible identification labels, microdots, forensic DNA markers and electronic transponders which are fitted in hidden locations on the protected vehicle or property. Each element provides an identification unique to each machine. This means the police can quickly and easily confirm ownership.

Datatag tamper-resistant labels warn potential thieves that the property has been permanently marked to deter their activities in the first place.  Even if some of the other identification markers are removed by the thief it’s almost impossible to remove them all.  This means offenders caught in possession of Datatagged property face certain conviction.

The Commissioner pledged to support rural communities and help to reduce crime, trespass, and theft in her Police and Crime Plan.

Police and Crime Commissioner Angelique Foster said: “I am keen to fund a resource that not only protects farmers from theft and quickly reunites them with their stolen property but also helps bring more offenders before the courts.

“I know from my meetings with farmers how disruptive and costly these crimes are on their livelihoods. They deserve support and should have confidence that their local force is working harder than ever to prevent them.

“Since my election, rural crime has been a key focus. I have increased the capabilities and resilience of our Rural Crime Team and have invested in new roles, training, and technology to ensure the force is well-equipped and prepared to meet the challenges posed by today’s rural criminals. This is what our rural communities want.

“My commitment to roll out this initiative across Derbyshire is an expansion of this work. I take rural crime very seriously and will continue to give the Chief Constable and her officers the resources they need to deliver a high-quality, consistent police service to all rural residents and businesses.”

The Commissioner’s investment will see the scheme extended to the remaining six local authority areas in Derbyshire and a continuation of funding in the three areas already piloting the project.

The CESAR System and Datatag products are recognised as offering one of the UK’s leading anti-theft systems.

PC Emerson Buckingham from the Rural Crime Team said: “We have already tagged £2.1m worth of items in the last couple of years in NE and Bolsover Council areas.  None of these items have been the subject of theft.  This is a great deterrent to thieves and gives owners of valuable plant and equipment confidence that their property is safe.”

Dave Luscombe of Datatag, technology partner to the CESAR Scheme, which is owned and promoted by the CEA (Construction Equipment Association)  added: “The results that we have achieved working with Derbyshire Police, North East Derbyshire and Bolsover councils has proved beyond doubt that forensic marking of property works. I am really excited about working with PC Buckingham and the Rural Crime Team to take the powerful CESAR deterrent county-wide.”

The RCT has already seen CCTV evidence of an offender only stealing unmarked horse trailers from an equestrian centre, leaving Datatag-protected vehicles behind.

Officers have already received training to identify and scan vehicles to detect the Datatag markers on a vehicle or other equipment. This ensures that stolen property can be identified and returned to the rightful owner at the earliest opportunity.

Datatag supporting rural communities during National Rural Crime Action Week with 50% off selected security marking systems

The recent NFU Rural Crime Report highlighted, once again, that the issue of crime in the countryside is not going away and in 2021 cost a staggering £49.5 million (up 22%!) – that’s £135,616 each day, or £5,650 stolen from rural communities every hour.

Particularly affected have been farm tractors and ATVs which not only cost owners £11.7 million in value but also an untold amount in disruption, loss of earnings, and associated stress.

Police say that using forensic marking of their property is one of the most cost-effective ways for farmers and landowners to fight back against crime. This makes it far less attractive to criminals, due to the increased risk to them, and far easier for the police to identify and recover property to owners.

Datatag, a name most farmers will recognise, is the market leader in forensic marking and is the industry’s delivery partner to the Construction Equipment Association’s (CEA) official CESAR Security Scheme. As a result, Datatag forensic technology is a regular fixture on tractors, being fitted as standard by many brands. CESAR has been a huge success, and now the majority of agricultural machinery brands fit CESAR and the Datatag technology as standard. Thereby not only helping to combat theft but also assisting Police in identifying stolen goods and putting those responsible behind bars.

So successful has CESAR been in combatting crime that during National Rural Crime Awareness Week, Derbyshire Police have taken the proactive step to work with CESAR Authorised fitters across the county and are offering CESAR Systems at heavily discounted prices to local residents.

Datatag is not only the power behind the CEA’s CESAR Security Scheme, but they also have forensic products to protect almost any asset, including trailers, 4x4s, power tools, and expensive farm GPS systems. All are high on the wish list of criminals as the NFU report highlights, with trailer theft up 66%, 4x4s theft worth £2.4m, and GPS theft up 15%.

Using a combination of secure and unique RFID transponders, Datadots in a UV trace adhesive with a forensic DNA marker, tamper-evident ID labels, and UV etches, Datatag’s systems provide irrefutable proof of ownership and as such deter theft.

Datatag is supporting the National Rural Crime Action Week with a special offer of a 50% discount on their products highlighted by the report including:

  • Trailer
  • 4×4
  • GPS
  • Power tool system

All Datatag systems can be easily self-fit and are available through the webshop at where the discount will be applied automatically.

For more information, contact Datatag at

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