Construction Equipment Association Respond to Budget 2018

Construction Equipment Association Respond to Budget 2018

Dear Editor:

The pre-announced commitment of some £30bn to roads repair and maintenance is extremely welcome. This is not only good news for motorists but will provide an additional boost to the plant hire sector. The hope is that the money will be invested in machines and methods which make those repairs effective long term – not just commissioning low cost, short-term, sticking plaster solutions.

GDP Forecast – good to see that 2019 the economy is forecast to see the best GDP growth in this parliament.

The Chancellor specifically recognises that the investment in road, rail and infrastructure is set to power the economy forward. This is good news for the construction industry that is at the centre of this.

Interesting to see increased funding for the Transforming Cities programme – up to £2.4 billion. This will help facilitate some long needed local development projects.

In conclusion – Some good news on the “three Is” – investment allowances, infrastructure spending and industrial strategy support.

The Chancellor effectively confirmed that the UK will continue to be Europe’s construction “hot spot” in 2019. Good timing for Plantworx Construction Exhibition 2019.

Rob Oliver, Chief Executive at Construction Equipment Association

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