Cummins | Fuel options for the future of construction

Cummins | Fuel options for the future of construction

Cummins Inc. has approved the use of HVO biofuel for the full Off Highway Performance Series line-up (3.8 to 15 liters).

This update combined with the recent report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration stating the production of this type of fuel could double by 2025 is positive news for carbon conscious consumers in Off-Highway.

“HVO is a low carbon solution that enables customers to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions while using their current equipment.”  Stated Jeremy Harsin, Cummins Off Highway Marketing Director, he goes on to say. “It can be supplied through the same infrastructure as conventional diesel making it easy to use.”

Often referred to as renewable diesel or green diesel, HVO is obtained by processing lipids such as vegetable oil, tallow, or used cooking oil. It delivers up to a 90% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to diesel ‘from well-to-wheel’. Sulfur-free and oxygen-free, it requires no engine modifications for it to be used, with little impact on service intervals (see your owner’s manual for details).

“We understand that customers are looking to find ways to improve the sustainability of their businesses. Using equipment installed with our latest ultra-clean and efficient Performance Series engines, powered by renewable fuel is a simple, and cost-effective step.” Jeremy Harsin, Cummins Off Highway Marketing Director said of HVO and alternative fuels.

If you are interested in using HVO fuels, please contact your Cummins representative or comes see the Performance Series engines in person at ConExpo booth S84615.  A change to the engine’s electronic calibration could be required for certain engines.

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