Rototilt takes the next step

Rototilt takes the next step

Autumn 2022 saw Rototilt launch its Rototilt Control product concept featuring tiltrotators, joysticks, a new control system and a remote support app. Now they are taking the next step and expanding the number of tiltrotators in their RC series.

It can now be confirmed that Rototilt’s R4 and R8 tiltrotators will gain counterparts in the RC series launched at Bauma earlier this year. This means that Rototilt’s new RC System control system, together with the new RC Joysticks will be available to machines weighing between 10 and 43 tons. The R4 tiltrotator has historically been one of Rototilt’s most popular products, according to Product Manager Sven-Roger Ekström, who has high expectations ahead of the sales launch.

“We started in the mid-range but are now expanding the concept to encompass both bigger and small machines. Today we are delighted to offer increased energy efficiency and an improved driving experience for a wider range of machines and users,” explains Product Manager Sven-Roger Ekström. 

The new tiltrotator series featuring its pressure-compensated hydraulics delivers greater energy efficiency than its predecessors, and enables more controlled excavation movements.

“Users will find that it is easier to use the tiltrotator thanks to optimised simultaneous operation and the ability to precisely control its functions. With the new hydraulics, we have also improved the options for using work tools under the tiltrotator that are very demanding on the hydraulic flows,” says Sven-Roger.

Sales of the RC4 and RC8 are due to launch in February 2023.

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