Europcar Promises Fast Access to Vehicles

Europcar Promises Fast Access to Vehicles

Europcar UK seeks to tackle vehicles needs of the construction sector with its specialist fleet

As the UK construction sector grew by 1.8 per cent in the first quarter, Europcar UK, a subsidiary of Europcar Group, is highlighting the sector’s need for specialist vehicles at short notice.

“The UK construction sector has seen continued growth year on year”, explained Stuart Russell, Specialist Vehicle Director at Europcar. “But keeping up demand with the right equipment – including vehicles – is a challenge. Added to which, the sector doesn’t necessarily want to make long term financial commitments. Europcar has, therefore, focused on creating a commercial fleet that includes the specialist vehicles needed by the construction sector, from bespoke vans with special racking, tow bars and tool boxes. We have a wide selection of vehicles available across our UK network, which are ready to rent at just four hours’ notice.”

Responding to the £1.2billion budget allocated by the Government for road improvements for 2017-8, a large proportion of Europcar’s specialist fleet vehicles are Chapter 8 compliant – meeting the latest road safety standards, including high visibility markings to support operations working on public highways enabling firms to get on the road straight away.

With van and specialist vehicle hire available for as little as three days or as long as three years, businesses don’t have to worry about being locked into long-term agreements. And they can increase and decrease their fleet with no penalties, removing financial risk and helping firms respond to fluctuating demand.

“Europcar UK’s investment in our specialist vehicle service over the past 12 months means we can very effectively support businesses in the construction sector,” added Stuart Russell. “We now have 14 supersites across the network, employing van specialists who are available to talk to construction firms about their needs.”

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